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Kansas City’s Trusted Fireplace Services and Fireplace Repair Experts

Can you remember the last time you scheduled fireplace services or fireplace repair? What about inspecting your chimney or fireplace? If it’s been over a year, it’s time. Even if you haven’t noticed any problems or light your fireplace a few times a year, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that fireplaces and chimneys be cleaned and inspected once a year to help protect your family and home from fire hazards.

Request Fireplace Service or Repair

Service, repair, chimney and fireplace inspections performed by experts.

    Why All Fireplaces and Chimneys Require Service and Inspection

    Fireplaces have components. Similar to your vehicle, HVAC system and home appliances, your fireplace needs ongoing service to function safely and efficiently. Scheduling annual fireplace service is a way to catch any small problems before they become expensive repairs, or worse dangerous.

    Even newer or less frequently used fireplaces require regular service, and chimney inspections are a safety issue. Aging leads to components and structures deteriorating. Our fireplace service experts inspect fireplaces for accumulated debris or gunk on valves. Over time, that valve simply stops igniting. House foundations tend to settle, which can cause chimney cracks. Chimneys also can suffer heat-related cracks and creosote buildup.

    What to Expect During a Fireplace Service Appointment

    Different types of fireplaces (gas, wood burning, electric or pellet) determine what’s involved with your service appointment. In general, you can expect our fireplace expert to:

    • Perform a visual inspection of your fireplace, looking for any obvious problems or wear
    • Check all components to ensure they are in proper working order
    • Thoroughly clean the logs (if gas) and the glass (Pro tip: never use regular glass cleaner on fireplace glass)

    Why Homeowners Choose Us for Fireplace Service and Fireplace Repair

    Complete Home Concepts has been selling, installing, repairing and servicing fireplaces in Kansas City homes since 1977, longer than any other company in the business. Homeowners trust us because fireplaces are what we do.

    From entry-level fireplace installations to custom-designed, showpiece fireplaces for multi-million-dollar homes, our experts take care of fireplaces from the day they are installed until the time they are replaced, if ever.

    Working with builders and homeowners for as long as we have, chances are good that we’ve had something to do with your fireplace at some point. In fact, we have decades’ worth of records on every fireplace we’ve ever installed, inspected and serviced, which is a large percentage of Kansas City homes. The benefit is we probably already know your fireplace and can service or repair your exact model. Plus, thanks to our long-standing manufacturer relationships, we are more likely to be able to find replacement parts for fireplaces installed decades ago.

    Licensed, Insured, Experienced Technicians

    Complete Home Concepts’ technicians are licensed, insured and experienced in fireplace service and repair. They have been with us for years and train our new technicians for months. This isn’t the case with all fireplace service and repair companies in Kansas City now. The trend is smaller companies are being bought by larger, national corporations. Labor shortages result in hiring novice technicians simply to fill open positions.

    Experience matters because your home, personal belongings and keepsakes and even lives are at risk. Even though that is a worst-case scenario, it can and does happen. We’ve seen it happen in real life when working with homeowners who’ve suffered damage and loss due to negligent fireplace installation or service.

    An important reminder: If you have a gas fireplace and smell gas at any time, immediately call your gas company for an emergency service appointment.