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Custom Cut Glass

With So Many Possibilities, You Begin to Wonder What You Can’t Do with Glass

An obstructed view. A stealth architectural element. A timeless design touch. The allure of a sophisticated decorative detail. A bold way to showcase a room’s focus. Glass offers so many possibilities in so many areas of your home, that you begin to wonder what you can’t do with glass thanks to today’s cutting, material and design options.

Custom cut glass by its very nature gives you artistic license for just about any use imaginable. With the ability to customize the cut, edge profile and finish options, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire for a truly unique and sophisticated look.

Complete Home Concepts is one of the KC Metro’s largest fabricators, and our custom glass cutting is performed in-house to assure a quality product and final result. We never sub-contract the installation phase because custom cut glass must be installed with knowledge and precision.

Ready to see what’s trending in glass? Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination.

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    Addressing the Specs in the Room

    Whether using custom cut glass as a tabletop, shelves, a wall, door enclosure or elsewhere, there is a thickness, size, edge profile and finish perfect for creating the space, temperature, privacy, aesthetic and safety necessary. Our glass experts review your ideas and use best practices to safely and beautifully make them happen.

    Floating Shelves

    Add floating shelves to any room in your home, including the kitchen, living room, baths, libraries, etc. Floating shelves crafted from custom cut glass versus purchased from big box stores let you size the shelves to the space rather than the other way around. It’s a stylish solution for a customized look and functionality.

    Wine Cellars

    Now that Old World design’s ship has sailed, today’s wine enthusiasts gravitate toward glass enclosures. Some wine cellars may hold on to a traditional overall design with lots of wood and metal fixtures, but use a glass door or walls to showcase the collection or lend a wine store look. Using custom cut glass in a wine cellar offers the greatest location flexibility, as glass can be used to create a walled enclosure without carving out a dedicated room.

    Partitions and Half Walls

    Including custom cut glass in your interior design has a tremendous effect thanks to its translucency and sound muffling. For instance, in a small area, a glass partition or half wall can easily achieve the look of more space. A glass door between areas has the same effect. A finish can be added to the glass to provide privacy.