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Play with Fire

An Outdoor Fire Pit Sets the Scene for Life’s Best Memories

A drink in hand. Roasting marshmallows for s’mores. Catching up with friends. Relaxing with family. An outdoor fire pit sets the perfect stage for creating life’s best memories—summer, spring, winter and fall. Not to mention the practical, emotional and aesthetic value fire pits bring.

Style, size, materials, fuel and use, along with building codes, local laws and HOAs mean there are many considerations when choosing and installing your outdoor fire pit.

Complete Home Concepts is the premier showroom for exploring all your options, visualizing your new outdoor living space and ensuring your outdoor fire pit is compliant with codes and safe for you, your family, friends and neighbors.

Ready to play with fire? Here are a few tips to spark the conversation.

Design your
dream outdoor fire pit!

    What’s Your Style?

    Whether creating an outdoor living space or elevating the appeal of your deck or patio, there is a shape, size and design that complements your backyard style. Complete Home Concepts carries outdoor fire pits from top manufacturers so there is a style for modern, rustic, traditional—you name it.

    Should You Go Big or Small?

    That answer depends on how you imagine using your outdoor fire pit and where you want it installed. Imagine how close you want people to the fire and the size of your seating. You’ll want enough room to be comfortable and uncrowded, but close enough to be “cozy.” Our designers will recommend the right size to fit your needs, space and budget.

    How Do You Envision Using Your Outdoor Fire Pit?

    This is one of the most important questions. How you plan on using your outdoor fire pit helps determine what type fits your needs. Children, location, lifestyle, seating… all should be considered to ensure you’re thrilled with the result.

    Want to Avoid Issues with Building Codes, Laws and the HOA?

    Of course you do. Building codes, local laws and even HOAs have rules about installing and using an outdoor fire pit. Complete Home Concepts has designed outdoor living spaces and installed fire pits in most Kansas City neighborhoods. Let us save you the headache of following regulations.