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7 Easy Steps Toward an Extraordinary Outdoor Kitchen

If You Move the Kitchen, You Move the Party

It started with the bones… a barbecue grill, a patio set, some candles and maybe dragging a heavy cooler outdoors on occasions when friends came over. However, the bulk of the cooking still has you running back and forth between the kitchen and your patio or deck, which is far from enjoyable for you or your guests. Now, you’re dreaming of investing in an outdoor kitchen.

Cooking outdoors has evolved from only grilling to a fully functional outdoor kitchen, complete with all the amenities of your indoor kitchen and then some. Custom outdoor kitchens today come with options, such as pizza ovens, wet bars, fireplaces, side burners, smokers, warming drawers and roasting spits, in addition to the fundamental grill, food prep station, sink, refrigerator and cabinets.

When designing your extraordinary outdoor kitchen, Complete Home Concepts’ team can guide you through seven easy steps. The end result will be functional for cooking and entertaining, as well as relaxing for everyone, including you. After all, we’re known for fire and stone—the heart of outdoor entertaining.

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    Pick Your Grill

    Complete Home Concepts is unique in that we will build around your equipment, or you can pick from our selection!

    Blaze Grills help make having a luxurious outdoor kitchen and living space truly affordable. Every Blaze Grill is high quality product at a consumer-friendly price point. Whichever model you choose, you’ll enjoy a grill manufactured to stand the test of time, backed by a solid warranty. Gas and charcoal grills, griddles, side burners and power burners are available to create the perfect outdoor cooking environment.

    Hestan is a name synonymous with an outdoor oasis. For the ultimate outdoor kitchen, Hestan products are top of the line in terms of award-winning performance, innovative features and options to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Some notable reviewers describe Hestan grills and kitchen suite products as “The best, period” and “Sexy as hell.” Aspire by Hestan takes the stress out of grilling, so you can actually enjoy the party, too. No fiddling and fussing. Just ignite for instant relaxation. Aspire products come in an exclusive range of color finishes, like cobalt, pink, aqua, orange, red, navy and more for a super unique look.

    Select Your Cabinetry and Accessories

    Utility comes into play here, along with design. Your outdoor kitchen cabinetry and accessories are going to be substantial elements. Choose quality over quantity for a better experience and return on your investment. A warming tray, pizza oven, rotisserie, standalone smoker, steamer… the list of accessories goes on and on. Cabinetry will complement the overall design and withstand extreme winter and summer temperatures in Kansas City.

    If you already have an existing grill and/or cabinetry in your outdoor kitchen, our team incorporates those in your design. 

    Choose Your Finishing Materials

    A base and a top complete the basic foundation of your outdoor kitchen design. Your choice of bases includes stone, stucco or leaving it for your own finish.

    For the top, options include granite and concrete. Granite is available in your choice of colors and finishes, then cut to your outdoor kitchen’s exact specifications. Super cast, high-grade concrete also comes in a variety of colors and cut to fit.

    Move into Design Stage

    With your grill, cabinetry, accessories and finishing materials chosen, our experts begin weaving them into an extraordinary design. A CAD drawing gives you a visual representation to approve or tweak.
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    “Measure Twice, Cut Once”

    With the CAD complete and approved, our team makes one more visit to ensure everything is correct with your outdoor kitchen and answer any last-minute questions.

    Order Your Outdoor Kitchen Components

    Once ordered, your outdoor kitchen’s components will take 3-5 weeks to manufacture and arrive.

    Assemble and Install

    Once the components have arrived, our team gets to work on assembling, installing and setting up your extraordinary outdoor kitchen. The next step? Invite your friends and family over to enjoy.

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