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Transform Your Outdoor Living Space in Kansas City with Complete Home Concepts’ Underdeck Solutions

Homeowners are always looking for innovative ways to extend the time they can enjoy (and expand) their outdoor living spaces. Living in Kansas City, having four distinct seasons means making sure your outdoor areas are as comfortable as they can… Read More


Elevating Commercial Spaces with Custom Fireplaces from Complete Home Concepts Kansas City

Differentiating your business space is key to creating an inviting and memorable atmosphere. A well-designed, custom fireplace, designed and installed by the expert team at Complete Home Concepts, can be the fire feature that sets your space apart with a… Read More


DIY Vs. Professional Installation: Stone Veneer Contractors are Key to Your Project’s Success

Transforming your Kansas City home—inside and/or out—with stone veneer is a popular upgrade that requires the skill of professional contractors. Stone veneer isn't just a cladding material; it's a choice that can redefine your living space, enhance its aesthetic appeal… Read More


A Touch of Glass: Your Guide to a Custom Glass Wine Cellar

When you have an appreciation for the finer things in life, one of the most stunning ways to capture a feeling of elegance is with a custom glass wine cellar built specifically for your home and your wine collection. However,… Read More


Building a Big Green Egg®, Kamado Joe® or Big Joe® into Your Outdoor Kitchen: A Kansas City Homeowner’s Guide

Ah, Kansas City! Our town is famous for its rich history, jazz music, and barbecue. For Kansas Citians (and, we suppose others in various cities in the country), barbecue isn’t just a method of cooking; it’s an experience, a tradition,… Read More


The Ideal Time to Install a Fire Pit in Kansas City, According to Complete Home Concepts Design and Install Teams

Kansas City homeowners are fortunate. We have four distinct seasons and can comfortably enjoy a fire pit in all but one of them, summer. And, even in summer, some people have been known to fire up their fire pit to… Read More


Stone Veneer: The Ultimate Upgrade for Kansas City Outdoor Kitchens

With home prices and mortgage rates high, many homeowners in Kansas City are choosing to upgrade their current home with features like an outdoor kitchen. When designed and installed properly, an outdoor kitchen not only serves as a functional space… Read More


Boost Your Home’s Value and Curb Appeal with Manufactured Stone Veneer

Homes tell a lot about their owners, and often, the story begins with its exterior. The exterior reflects its character, its value and the owners’ style. When it comes to home improvement and design, there is a material that has… Read More


The “Hearth” of the Matter: Choosing Between Gas, Wood and Pellet Fireplace Inserts

As the premier fireplace store in Kansas City, Complete Home Concepts is the perfect resource for deciding between gas, wood or pellet fireplace inserts. We’ve walked countless KC homeowners through the decision process to ensure they’re happy with their choice.… Read More


Cultured Marble’s Durability Means Its Beauty Never Fades

No other material transforms a bathroom into a sanctuary of style and functionality quite like cultured marble. The allure of this man-made material is due to remarkable aesthetics and durability, making it a popular choice for homeowners renovating or upgrading… Read More