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The 4 Best Grills for Outdoor Kitchens

The grill is a big decision. It’s a staple of any outdoor kitchen. Our team is often asked for their opinion on which grills are the best in terms of durability, cooking style, features and value. The truth of the… Read More


Why Homeowners Install Stone Veneer Retaining Walls

Stone veneer retaining walls are an increasingly popular choice for Kansas City area homeowners looking to add beauty and value to their property. And, some use them as an attractive way to solve erosion or sloping issues. Since stone veneer… Read More


4 Things to Consider Before Putting in an Outdoor Kitchen

Creating an outdoor living space is one of the most popular home improvement projects right now, and adding an outdoor kitchen elevates the experience. If you’ve decided this is the direction you want to go, here are four things to… Read More


How to Reduce Home Remodeling Costs Using Stone Veneer

Are you wondering how you can manage home remodeling projects at a time when everything from labor to material costs are higher than usual? Rather than put them off for a while, there are ways to incorporate stone veneer that… Read More


How Do I Know if an Outdoor Fire Pit Will Give Off Enough Heat for My Space?

Choosing the perfect outdoor fire pit takes more than deciding on a certain style or type of fuel—although those are both important, too. For Kansas City homeowners, an outdoor fire pit isn’t only a lifestyle element, but also a functional… Read More


How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace with a Pizza Oven

More and more Kansas City homeowners are talking to our outdoor kitchen designers about including a pizza oven with their outdoor fireplace. We love outdoor living elements that do double duty, but unfortunately, we don’t recommend combining an outdoor fireplace… Read More


How Do You Go About Designing Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen?

Designing your dream outdoor kitchen involves more than picking a grill, some furniture, adding prep space and a few cabinets. No, this is going to be a DREAM outdoor kitchen—an area that exceeds your indoor kitchen (or at least rivals… Read More


Interior Design: How to Incorporate Stone Veneer in Home Decorating

Since the Stone Age, stone has been one of the most used and enduring building materials. Yes, stone is renowned for its durability and longevity in exterior projects. But, interior designers grew hip to incorporating stone veneer in home decorating.… Read More


What to Look for in a Custom Cut Glass Fabricator Near You

Glass is having a moment. It has always been a popular material in contemporary and modern style homes, and now designers are using it to divide spaces, create shelves in the kitchen, living room, baths and libraries, enclose stunning wine… Read More


Gas Fireplace Inserts: Kansas City Homeowners’ Insert of Choice

The work involved with a wood-burning fireplace—getting and storing wood, moving it, lighting it, stoking it, making sure the fire is out when you’re finished, cleaning out the ashes, annual chimney inspections—you’re over it. You’re exploring options to replace your… Read More