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Kansas City’s Certified and Trusted Chimney Sweep and Fireplace Inspections 

As Kansas City’s leading fireplace store, our team also prioritizes your safety and the efficiency of your chimney. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends an annual evaluation of all chimneys, fireplaces and vents to ensure they meet the safety standards outlined in NFPA 211. We base our comprehensive chimney sweep and fireplace inspections on these national safety codes, offering solutions and repairs that align with NFPA recommendations.

The importance of regular chimney maintenance is emphasized by the NFPA. This nonprofit organization, dedicated solely to fire prevention, states:

“Chimneys, fireplaces and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance and repairs shall be done if necessary.”

Request a Chimney Sweep & Fireplace Inspection

Chimney sweep, inspection and service performed by certified experts.

    The Importance of Regular Fireplace Chimney Cleaning

    Fireplace inspections and chimney cleaning requires the right tools and equipment for the job, so it’s smart to hire a certified chimney sweep for this important home maintenance task. Our thorough chimney inspections are designed to:

    • Ensure the structural integrity of your chimney across all fuel types: oil, gas, wood or coal.
    • Identify any damages or issues that could allow harmful exhaust to enter your home.
    • Proactively address potential problems, saving you from costly repairs down the line.
    • Give you the peace of mind, knowing your chimney is in top condition.
    • Detect and advise on the removal of flammable creosote buildup.
    • Alert you to any signs of water penetration, a leading cause of chimney deterioration.

    How Our Certified Experts Conduct Inspections and Chimney Cleaning

    Our chimney inspection process involves state-of-the-art Chim-Scan video inspection equipment to meticulously examine your chimney’s flue. As the camera makes its way through your chimney, our chimney experts watch the entire process in real-time, gaining a clear view of any issues or blockages. We’ll give you a written report and discuss our comprehensive inspection, detailing any areas of concern and outlining potential repair costs.

    What Does a Chimney Sweep Do?

    Our certified chimney sweeps are trained to spot wear and tear, cracking and chipping in masonry and brick chimneys that requires repair. Also, creosote can build up and requires removing. And, animals can block the flue with nests, and weather can cause damage that leads to water seepage.

    Level I – Basic Inspection

    • Scope: Visual inspection of chimney, flue, and appliance.
    • Access: Accessible areas without disassembly.
    • Occasion: Annually or upon appliance replacement.
    • Indications: Verification of serviceability.

    Level II – In-Depth Inspection

    • Scope: Includes Level I plus inspection of all enclosed flues and accessible chimney structures.
    • Access: All accessible areas, including crawl spaces and attics.
    • Occasion: When making changes to the system or after potential damage.
    • Indications: When a more thorough inspection is required.

    Level III – Comprehensive Evaluation

    • Scope: Includes Level II plus inspection of concealed areas, potentially requiring structural alterations.
    • Access: All relevant parts of the chimney and building.
    • Occasion: For detailed evaluation of detected or suspected hazards.
    • Indications: When the condition of hidden areas needs to be assessed.

    Not All Kansas City Chimney Sweeps are Certified

    You know about out-of-state contractors who show up after natural disasters, promising fast, affordable repairs and perform shoddy work, if they do any work at all. The same warning goes for chimney sweeps. These people may or may not be from Kansas City or be certified chimney sweeps, but instead lawn care experts in the summer, snow removal pros in the winter and chimney sweeps in the fall.

    Unless your chimney sweep is experienced and certified, more damage than good can be done, putting your home and family at risk.

    Can Chimney Sweep Services Eliminate Chimney Odor Problems?

    Chimney odors can be a nuisance, and chimney sweep services can identify and solve the problem. Once your chimney is inspected and the issue addressed, here are a few ways our certified chimney sweeps recommend to keep chimney odors away:

    • Ensure your flue stays dry; wet creosote produces a stronger odor.
    • Keep the damper closed when the fireplace is not in use.
    • Install a chimney cap to prevent rainwater and snow from entering.
    • Opt for high-quality wood to reduce odors.
    • If you detect a strong, unusual odor, it may be time to check for animal intrusions.