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Commercial Custom Fireplaces Define Your Space

The Complete Home Concepts mantra is that a custom fireplace does more than warm a space – it defines it. For businesses in Kansas City and beyond, we present our premier Commercial Custom Fireplaces.

When a commercial property, restaurant or event space must stand out, every element in its premises should resonate with its brand and style. What better way to make a statement than with a custom fireplace? Whether it’s a bustling or intimate restaurant, an event space hosting special occasions, or an office lounge or entry meant to impress and inspire, a custom fireplace provides not just a décor element, but also the exclamation point to the vibe.

Your Commercial Fireplace, Custom Designed

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    Take a look at this awe-inspiring see-through fire feature in the lobby of a medical research facility. It’s an example of our craftsmanship that turns ordinary fire features into works of fiery art — a focal point that turns heads and sparks conversations.

    A Fire Feature That Defines Your Space and Elevates Guests’ Experience

    What can’t you do with custom fireplaces? It’s not just a commercial fireplace; it’s a fire feature, a piece of art, a conversation starter. From the first design sketch to the last element set in place, we ensure your commercial fireplace mirrors the spirit of your commercial space, restaurant, event space or other property.

    Our commercial fireplace experts recommend Stellar from Heat & Glo for customized gas fireplaces or fire features. Stellar’s options are virtually unlimited with the ability to design vertical, floor-to-ceiling, mid-wall or wall-to-wall fire features.

    Stellar offers custom fireplaces in round, half-round, quarter-round, square, rectangular and double-sided configurations, taking commercial fireplaces off the wall to anywhere you want. When centered in a space, a custom fireplace is perfect for entertaining, being a natural gathering spot. Protect guests by surrounding your custom fireplace with curved, angled and round glass.

    To create reserved or exclusive spaces, choose the fogged privacy glass option, which gives you the option of a see-through view or fogged for privacy. When using the fireplace as a space divider or wall, fogged glass is an essential for privacy.

    Once you select the geometry, height and length, you have several options to customize burner options to create a unique flame. Go big and bold or low and reserved. Burners can produce flames that burn in ribbon, star-shaped, zigzag, spiral and horizontal patterns.

    Expand Your Outdoor Area and Season with a Custom Fireplace

    Stellar by Heat & Glo leads the industry in custom fireplaces with the option to install both indoors and outdoors. We can tailor your commercial fireplace’s size to act as a heat source to extend your outdoor season, as well as install it between interior and exterior spaces to expand your outdoor guest areas. Or, an open-hearth custom fireplace can be designed for low-heat output for year-round, all-day use

    Best-in-Class Commercial Fireplaces, Best-in-Industry Service

    Restaurants, event spaces, offices, lounges, or hotels – whatever your industry, our custom fireplaces can enhance your space and elevate guests’ experience. With custom options, imagination and know-how, we create extraordinary fireplaces and fire features.

    • Decades of expertise: With a legacy dating back to 1979, our reputation in fireplace installation is second to none in Kansas City.
    • Customization at its best: Our team believes in realizing visions, resulting in a fireplace that’s unique to your business.
    • Quality and craftsmanship: Stellar by Heat & Go and Complete Home Concepts are synonymous with quality. Every fireplace we design and install symbolizes excellence and durability