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Don’t Spend Another Season Without an Outdoor Fire Pit

Don’t let another perfectly beautiful spring season go by without an outdoor fire pit. If you’ve put one off because you’re not sure if you’ll get enough enjoyment out of a fire pit, or if you’re concerned about safety, continue reading. Along with the aesthetic value it brings to your home, there are so many practical, emotional and health benefits to gain that you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

First, the emotional and health benefits of an outdoor fire pit…

Enhance the ambience of your outdoor space
Whether hosting an outdoor party after dark, snuggling up with family and chatting into the wee hours of the morning, or having some much-needed me time, a fire pit is the ultimate focal point that illuminates any occasion with an ambient glow for a perfect evening outdoors.

Use your fire pit all year round, even in the dead of winter
Outdoor fire pits are a natural part of spring, summer and fall gatherings. But, during winter, they can bring a magical element to your backyard. Some of the most memorable moments of holiday parties happen when your guests are huddled outside around the fire pit.

Outdoor fire pits are natural stress relievers
There is a reason why candles are associated with serenity and relaxation. The flickering of the flame can be mesmerizing and calming. Fire pits are a larger version of candles, and they can make the end of any day that much more relaxing, which can lower blood pressure.

Secondly, the practical benefits of an outdoor fire pit…

Extend the square footage of your living space with a fire pit
Fire pits can be the focal point of any al fresco lounge space, which becomes an extension of your home where you can relax and socialize. A fire pit surrounded by outdoor sofas or built-in bench seating topped with cushions creates another comfortable place to gather.

S’mores can be messy indoors, but not over a fire pit
Kids and adults love to make s’mores and nothing beats making them over an open flame. Not to mention you won’t have to clean up dripped, sticky marshmallow. Depending on the type of fire pit, you can cook just about anything you’d usually cook holding a stick over flame.

Still have questions about outdoor fire pits? Stop by our gallery and talk to our experts for the answers. Better yet, ask your friends and family who have one. After all, you’ve probably enjoyed more than your fair share of nights gathered around it. It’s time to invite them over to your backyard oasis.