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When Should You Invest in a Fireplace Insert, Kansas City Homeowners?

Fireplace Insert

Homeownership involves deciding which home improvements are worth your time and investment, paying for repairs and updates that are absolutely necessary and upgrading your space to better fit your needs and preferences. It’s a rare occasion that replacing one feature of your home can fit under all three scenarios: improvement, repair and upgrade. However, that’s exactly what a fireplace insert does.

Excluding, of course, when your old fireplace is non-working or dangerous to operate, how do you know when you should invest in a fireplace insert? If any of the following have crossed your mind, the right time might be right now.

“I wish the house was warmer and cozier during wintertime.”

There are many reasons your home may feel chilly during a Kansas City winter, from lack of insulation and aging windows to you being a “warm” or “cold” person by nature. Your options include running the furnace more (higher utility bills and wear and tear on the unit), reinsulating (expensive and unnoticeable once finished), replacing windows (again, expensive) and wearing extra layers.

None of those result in the warm and cozy feeling you’re after like a fireplace insert can, especially if you’re cozy under a blanket next to a warm fire. Installing a fireplace insert is a great way to keep warm throughout cold winter days. Plus, an insert is an improvement you can see and enjoy (unlike insulation), a less expensive option than new windows, and a way to extend your furnace’s life and keep utility bills under control.

“My old fireplace doesn’t exactly scream ambiance when I’m entertaining.”

Next to the kitchen, friends and family tend to congregate around the fireplace when you’re entertaining. Between the holidays and football season, there are plenty of reasons to entertain during winter.

Putting a fireplace insert in your fireplace is a vast improvement in looks and functionality. There are beautiful styles available to match your décor and an insert can keep your guests comfortable no matter how frightful the weather outside. Plus, if you choose a gas fireplace insert, lighting a fire is as simple as flipping a switch, clicking the remote or opening an app.

“I’m tired of finding and stocking wood every fall.”

Older homes tend to have wood-burning fireplaces, and you know they require stocking wood, stacking it in the fireplace, getting the fire started, keeping it burning and adding logs. Then, cleaning the ashes out and disposing of them. They take work, and it gets old knowing there are better, easier options available today.

There are wood-burning fireplace inserts on the market. But, there are electric, gas and pellet fireplace inserts, too, that produce a gorgeous fire without the hassle of wood.

“There’s got to be a better way to use my fireplace’s heat to heat my home.”

There is. Install a fireplace insert. The fact of the matter is that most of the heat your fireplace generates goes straight up the chimney. Even worse is that it can suck up the heat that your furnace blows through the chimney, too, making your home colder.

A fireplace insert heats up and circulates warmth throughout the room. When installed with a blower, the blower pushes hot air into the room through front vents, increasing its efficiency.

“If I’m going to upgrade or update my fireplace, I want it to look fantastic, too.”

Fireplace inserts come in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional and rustic to sleek and modern. If you choose a gas fireplace insert, you have a choice of faux wood logs or glass pebbles. Like updating other features in your home, a fireplace insert can be used as a design element. When the time comes to sell, an insert is attractive to potential buyers for all the reasons stated above.

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