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What’s Trending in Stone Front Fireplaces

Stone Fireplace

When it comes to building or renovating your home, there are trends en vogue at the time that you can easily change when they become hopelessly out of date. And then there are decisions you make that will take more than a coat of paint to update when you grow tired of them, like your stone front fireplace.

No matter if you lean traditional or contemporary, no one style stays current forever. Interior design, like fashion, is cyclical, sometimes taking decades to return and sometimes never returning (we’re looking at you 80s). Be that as it may, you can use the following trends in stone front fireplaces that result in timeless appeal, saving you from a major fireplace renovation later and ensuring this feature still appeals to buyers if and when the time comes to sell.

Mix Time Periods and Design Styles When Choosing a Stone Front for Your Fireplace

If that sounds crazy and a recipe for mismatched chaos, hear us out. The premise is simple. Design styles go out of style. By adhering to one specific style, your entire room will be outdated when the new trend emerges. If you combine various styles, it’s less obvious when just a few elements go out of style.

There are a few elements to consider in your decision of a stone front for your fireplace—the style of your home’s build (such as craftsman, contemporary, mid-century, colonial, Tudor, etc.), the style of your furniture and your accessories. To avoid being tied to a specific style, and thus a definite style expiration date, you can blend formal furniture and contemporary stone veneer with casual accessories. Accessories, of course, are the easiest and most affordable element to update anytime. Classic and contemporary also are a good pair to mix because it creates visual interest with contrasts. Another great combination is modern and mid-century. Again, the contrast between the two styles makes it difficult to date the entire space.

Like furniture and accessories, stone veneer comes in various styles with the shape and color usually determining where it falls in the design spectrum.

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Pay Attention to Lines and Color

Likely, you will not change the stone front on your fireplace like you do furniture, accessories and paint. Select your fireplace’s stone front based on your overall personal design preference. For example, if you tend to buy furniture with clean, sharp lines, a stone fireplace front with rounded elements gives visual interest. On the flip side, if you gravitate toward curved, plush furniture, stone fronts with defined angles provide contrast. If you have built-ins, look at the lines of them. Choose a fireplace stone veneer that complements or contrasts in a logical way rather than hodge podge.

The color of your furniture, accessories and wall paint can change; even your trim work can be updated. Stone by nature is usually neutral in color. Often it boils down to your personal preference of warm or cool tones. Warm would be beiges and browns. Cools would be whites and greys. If in doubt choose a stone in greige or taupe, which will match cool or warm color palettes. Going neutral on elements that are rarely updated, like your fireplace stone work, is a decision you won’t regret.

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