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What You Should Expect When Installing Interior Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer

If you’re at the stage of considering installing stone veneer indoors, then you probably already understand what stone veneer is: a thin piece of manufactured stone that is applied as a covering for say a wall or fireplace area. Stone veneer can be installed for either decorative or protective purposes.

Stone veneer can be manufactured to mimic the look of real, native stone, or it can be cut from real stone slabs to the right depth for the project at hand. For indoor installation, the veneers are cut thinly. The Model Stone, Semco or Coronado collections reflect all the style, texture and color variation possibilities.

Installing stone veneer in the interior of your home is a good call for several reasons.

  1. With the variety of designs and colors available, stone veneers accentuate any style from modern to rustic and traditional.
  2. Stone veneers are far more affordable than real stone blocks, making them a smart investment for home building or renovation projects.
  3. The material is lightweight, so they can be installed just about anywhere without needing addition reinforcement, and it’s easier to carry, handle and install. But, keep in mind stone veneer isn’t meant to be load bearing.
  4. Stone veneer checks the durable, fire-resistant, eco-friendly, and recyclable boxes.

Even better, installing interior stone veneer offers so many ways to add a beautiful element to just about every room. There’s certainly no lack of design inspiration, including for feature walls, stone veneer fireplaces and focal elements in baths, on staircases and kitchen islands and in entryways. Visit our showroom and talk to our design experts about all the possibilities.

Installing Stone Veneer in an Interior

Typically, interior stone veneer installation is a job for a professional, unless you happen to be an expert or a seasoned DIY-er. Complete Home Concepts has experienced installers on staff who make the job smooth sailing (and far less work, hassle and worry on your part).

It starts with prepping the surface. The surface to which the stone veneer is adhered must be clean and paint-, dust- and dirt-free. If the stone veneer is being applied over brick or concrete, it can be applied directly with minimal prep work.

Next, a layer of scratch coat (a sand and cement mortar) is applied. When this approximately ½” layer is still soft, horizontal grooves are made across the surface. This coat is left to dry now.

The surface is now ready for installing the stone veneer. More mortar is mixed and the stone veneers are prepped (trimmed and cleaned). The veneer backs are moistened to create a strong bond between them and the surface.

Mortar is applied to the veneers’ backs and pressed on the surface, arranging as needed before the mortar is set. Mortar that squished out or is on the veneer fronts is wiped off. Then, any gaps are grouted.

Finally, a sealer is applied over the stone veneers to protect the surface and make cleaning a breeze.

That’s it! Take the next step. Visit our design gallery to explore all the options for stone veneer. Talk to our knowledgeable staff about your ideas and vision. We’ll guide you to the perfect stone veneer look for your home and budget. Need more information? Contact our experts.