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We Do Everything for Outdoor Kitchens, But We Don’t Do That

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Projects like building an outdoor kitchen always tend to go smoother when you have fewer “cooks in the kitchen.” Having to vet and hire multiple contractors who specialize in outdoor kitchen design, grill sales and installation, concrete, etc. is a recipe for disaster because inevitably the project becomes a mess. These contractors, working individually, don’t have or lose sight of the bigger picture. And, if one falls behind on the schedule, so do the others. Before you know it, your outdoor kitchen takes months to complete and may not have the cohesive feel or look you’ve envisioned.

Avoiding that hassle and frustration is as simple as working with an experienced outdoor kitchen build/design company, like Complete Home Concepts.

There is no lack of options when it comes to building your custom outdoor kitchen, including pizza ovens, wet bars, outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, side burners, smokers, warming drawers and roasting spits, in addition to the fundamental grill, food prep station, sink, refrigerator, cabinets, walls, televisions and seating.

No wonder that one of the first questions we field is, “Can Complete Home Concepts do this or that?” The answer is, “Yes!” Our extraordinary team works with you throughout the entire process. The end result will be an outdoor kitchen perfectly designed for cooking and entertaining. After all, we’re known for fire and stone—the heart of outdoor entertaining.

Where to Start?

There are occasions when our outdoor kitchen team has stepped in to either get a project back on track or pull aspects together. However, it’s more common to start by bringing in pictures, measurements of the space and ideas. From there, our team can create a design and plan that incorporates all the outdoor kitchen elements you want, while maximizing space.

Selecting Your Grill and Cooking Appliances

A grill and/or outdoor cooktop is a quintessential element of any outdoor kitchen. We carry several options to make your luxurious outdoor kitchen and living space truly affordable.

Blaze Grills are high-quality products at a budget-friendly price point. Whichever model you choose, you’ll enjoy a grill that stands the test of time, backed by a solid warranty. Gas and charcoal grills, griddles, side burners and power burners are options to create the perfect outdoor cooking environment.

For the ultimate outdoor kitchen, Heston products are top of the line in terms of award-winning performance, innovative features and options to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Aspire by Heston comes in an exclusive range of color finishes, like cobalt, pink, aqua, orange, red, navy and more for a super unique look.

Kamado Joe® offers an exceptional grilling experience with their line of ceramic cookers. These cookers come in three sizes and are designed and built to cook better and last longer. Accessories include the durable cast-aluminum DōJoe that transforms the Kamado Joe into a best-in-class pizza oven, the JoeTisserie for rotisserie-style grilling, the SlōRoller that uses patented, Harvard science optimal smoking and the Soapstone Cooking surface for a variety of foods, including fish, meats, and vegetables.

Choosing Cabinetry and Accessories

This is where functionality and design need to complement one another. Your outdoor kitchen cabinetry and accessories are going to be key elements. If you already have an existing grill and/or cabinetry in your outdoor kitchen, our team incorporates those in your design. If not, choose quality over quantity for a better experience and return on your investment. A warming tray, pizza oven, rotisserie, standalone smoker, steamer… the list of accessories options is long. Cabinetry will complement the overall design and withstand extreme winter and summer temperatures in Kansas City. 

Completing the Look with Finishing Materials

Your outdoor kitchen needs a base and a countertop. Options for bases include stone, stucco or leaving it for your own finish. Granite and concrete are the best materials for the top. Granite is available in your choice of colors and finishes, then cut to your outdoor kitchen’s exact specifications. Super cast, high-grade concrete also comes in a variety of colors and is cut to fit.

The Design Fun Begins

Our outdoor kitchen design experts transform your grill, cabinetry, accessories and finishing materials choices into an extraordinary design. We’ll create a CAD drawing that gives you a visual representation, which you can approve or request changes.  

Our team makes a final on-site visit to verify the accuracy of measurements and answer any questions you have, then order your products. Once the products have arrived in 3-5 weeks, our team assembles, installs and sets up your extraordinary outdoor kitchen.

So, What Doesn’t Complete Home Concepts Do When It Comes to Your Outdoor Kitchen?

We design, we revamp spaces, we re-imagine, we build and we install. However, if your outdoor kitchen requires running electrical and/or gas lines, you’ll need to hire professionals. Everyone has their special skills, and we leave electricity and gas to experts. Your electrician and plumber should:

  • Be licensed to work with electrical and gas lines
  • Have years of experience
  • Be insured with liability and workers compensation insurance
  • Be familiar with local codes

Ready to kick off your outdoor kitchen project? Contact us or visit our showroom today.