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Unexpected Ways to Use Custom Cut Glass & Mirrors in Your Home


Custom cut glass gives you artistic freedom for just about any use imaginable. With the ability to customize the cut, edge profile and finish options, we’re seeing glass used in unexpected ways beyond the usual glass shower doors, tub enclosures and floating shelves. Here are a few of our favorites to spark your imagination.

Custom Glass Wine Cellars

Wine cellars aren’t storage places; they showcase your collection and act as a design element in your home. If you’re a wine enthusiast, then you’ve noticed how popular glass enclosures for wine cellars have become today. Some wine cellars still trend toward the traditional look of using wood and metal fixtures, but a glass door or walls can give your collection the spotlight with a very high-end look. Better yet, using custom cut glass in a wine cellar gives you the greatest flexibility for choosing its location, since glass can create a walled enclosure without taking up dedicated room space.


Custom Glass Display Cases

Glass display cases aren’t just for museums and libraries anymore. Homeowners are choosing to display (while preserving) their collectibles and valuables by ordering custom glass display cases in any size. To get your imagination flowing, custom display cases can be an option for coveted bags and shoes, artwork, collectibles, books, terrariums and even aquariums.

Custom Mirrors for Home Gym Walls

Dedicating space or an entire room to a home gym is a trend not expected to change anytime soon. When gyms were forced to close, sales of home fitness equipment skyrocketed. And, now that so many have invested hundreds or thousands of dollars in equipment ranging from Peletons to treadmills and weights, going back to the gym doesn’t make sense.

To create that real gym experience, homeowners are ordering custom cut mirrors for their walls. Not only does being able to watch your form help you get in shape and prevent injury, but also there’s just something seriously motivating about having mirrors on your home gym wall.

Custom Glass-Topped Indoor or Outdoor Table

With a creative eye and a little artistic “engineering,” just about any object can become a unique, statement table for indoor or outdoor use. When you want to repurpose an unusual object into a table, all you have to create is the top. Custom cut glass is the perfect choice for the top because it allows the base to be the highlight.

Another option is to upgrade an existing table or one you find on a showroom floor. Depending on how the table is made, the top can be replaced with custom cut glass. Reinventing the table top gives the piece an entirely new look and makes it one of a kind.

If you want to keep the look of your table but years of use has left the top worn or unstable, then a custom glass overlay is the solution. The glass overlay protects the original top or your refinishing work.

If you have an idea for a special glass patio feature or enhancement, let our glass experts review it and use best practices to beautifully turn it into a safe reality.

Custom Glass Pool Surround

Installing an in-ground pool isn’t only a home investment, it’s where you, your friends and family will relax and take full advantage of your outdoor living space. Pool fences are a necessity to keep people and pets safe, but unfortunately more often than not, their wood or metal construction takes away from the overall aesthetic.

Use custom cut glass instead. Not only does a custom glass pool surround act as an effective safety feature, it brings a modern look to the area. Better yet, glass keeps the focus on the ornamental features you have.

This is the exception to the “no glass by the pool” rule. Safety glass is used for pool enclosures, so should it break, the broken pieces are large chunks that are easily swept.

Complete Home Concepts is one of the KC Metro’s largest fabricators of custom cut glass, and our custom glass cutting is performed in-house to assure a quality product and final result. We never sub-contract the installation phase because custom cut glass must be installed with knowledge and precision. Get in touch to discuss your custom glass project.