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Tips to Blend Different Styles in Your Home

Did you know that layering different styles create an interesting and dynamic space in your home? However, too much mixing and your eye may not know where to land, leaving you confused and unhappy. Rooms that are highly successful seek common ground, meaning that everything finds a way to “get along.”

If you are new to the idea of mixing and matching styles, then it is a good idea to use the tips here. When you know how to mix aesthetics you can avoid getting raised eyebrows.

Matching isn’t Essential

When it comes to beautiful home décor, it doesn’t mean that everything has to match perfectly. This type of design is downright boring.

Don’t stress yourself too much when it comes to ensuring things match. Instead, take some time to come up with some interesting ideas to help you make the things you have work together. Doing this allows you to create a layered, interesting look in your home that reflects who you (and your family) is. By taking this approach, you get to tell your story.


It is a good idea to choose consistent colors through your entire home. This helps to ensure your décor creates a cohesive look that you like. This doesn’t mean you can’t use accent colors, but it is a good idea to stick with the same ones, rather than going too eclectic with your color selections.


You should also keep the scale of your selected décor in the same realm. After all, a huge overstuffed armchair will look a bit out of place next to the dainty wood carved loveseat of your great-grandmothers. Even if the elements are different in style, they can work together when they are the same size.

Find a Way to Create Balance

Even if you have completely different objects on each side of your bed, they can look balanced as a whole. The way you do this is by selecting items that have equal visual weight.

Distribute Different Styles Evenly Throughout the Space

If one-half of your home is decorated with only Shaker period items and the other half is completely mid-century, then the vast difference can be quite overwhelming. However, if you incorporate different styles strategically in your room, it is much easier for your eye to accept.

Create “Furniture Friends”

Don’t worry, this isn’t an all-new design trend you have never heard of. It is just a way to let you know that you should provide each piece of furniture in your space with at least one companion that shares the same finish, style, or color. You don’t want a single piece of décor hanging all alone – it needs a friend or it is going to look like the odd man out.

When it comes to merging styles and trends in your home, don’t let the idea overwhelm you. In most cases, if you choose pieces you love with coordinating accessories, you will discover everything falls into place and you create a warm and inviting space you love spending time in.