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The Importance of Fireplace Service in Kansas City

Complete Home Concepts charges $150 for annual fireplace service (any needed parts are extra). A mere $150 could save your home from a fire and your life.

Your home’s fireplace was likely inspected when you purchased it. But how long has it been since you had it serviced? If you can’t remember or it’s been over a year, don’t put it off any longer. Think of it this way… your fireplace is no different than any other appliance in your home or even your car. With regular, proper maintenance, they run safely and last longer. Without maintenance and service, little issues become big expensive repairs or replacements. Worst case scenario is that without ongoing service, they become dangerous, putting you at risk of injury or death.

If that sounds over dramatic, it’s not. Even if you use your fireplace a couple times a year, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) still recommends that fireplaces and chimneys be cleaned and inspected annually to avoid a fire hazard.

What’s the harm of skipping fireplace service if you rarely use your fireplace? Your fireplace has components that age whether they’re used a little or a lot, which can be hazards if not replaced. For example, valves can accumulate gunk, which degrades the component and eventually, your fireplace simply won’t light. Foundations can settle, materials can crumble if not professionally installed and heat-related cracks can occur, again creating a serious danger.

The type of fireplace you have determines the service you receive. But in general, our fireplace expert performs the following during a service appointment:

  • A visual inspection of all your fireplace’s components, checking for any obvious issues
  • Checking all components to ensure they are in proper working order, if not they put stress and wear on the other components wearing them down
  • A thorough cleaning of the logs (if gas) and the glass (never use regular glass cleaner on fireplace glass)
  • After service, your fireplace should be all set for another season

Occasions That Warrant More Than an Annual Service Appointment

If you smell gas at any time, call your gas service provider immediately. They will quickly send an employee out to check it out.

If you smell something that seems like burning leather or wood (in a gas fireplace), it could be that an animal and their nesting materials are in your fireplace.

Don’t put off your fireplace service this year. For 45 years, Complete Home Concepts has been Kansas City’s fireplace and fireplace service experts. In fact, there’s a good chance we either installed, serviced or inspected your fireplace at some point over the years. Scheduling fireplace service in Kansas City is easy online. And, it’ll be the best $150 spent on gaining the peace of mind knowing your fireplace is in safe operating order.