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The Ideal Time to Install a Fire Pit in Kansas City, According to Complete Home Concepts Design and Install Teams

Stone Veneer Firepit

Kansas City homeowners are fortunate. We have four distinct seasons and can comfortably enjoy a fire pit in all but one of them, summer. And, even in summer, some people have been known to fire up their fire pit to make summer-camping-in-the-backyard s’mores or add ambiance to an evening on the patio.

Installing a fire pit is often the first thing homeowners think of when they want to enhance their outdoor space. The question many ask is: when is the right time to get started on it? Complete Home Concepts’ Kansas City design and install teams weighed in on the answer.

Optimal Timing for a Fire Pit Installation

While fire pits can technically be installed at any time of the year, there are advantages to a fall installation. The weather temperate during autumn is just right for outdoor work – not too hot, not too cold. Moreover, once installed, you can immediately benefit from your fire pit’s warmth during the crisp fall evenings.

Also, a fall installation ensures that your fire pit is ready to go in the coming winter months, like holiday parties and football games.

An Overview of the Installation Process

Installing a fire pit requires careful planning and consideration. Here’s a brief overview of how the Complete Home Concepts team starts:

Select a Fire Pit Design: The first step is choosing a design that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and the functionality you desire. Whether you’re leaning towards a traditional stone pit or a contemporary design, Complete Home Concepts offers numerous options. The most common types of fire pits in Kansas City are:

  • Wood-burning fire pits: The traditional choice, wood-burning pits offer an authentic fire experience – complete with the crackling sounds and the aroma of burning wood.
  • Propane fire pits: Convenient and clean, propane pits can be turned on and off with a switch and don’t produce ash or embers. They also can be portable.
  • Natural gas fire pits: Similar to propane but fixed in place. They require a gas line, offering a permanent solution. Note: Complete Home Concepts doesn’t run gas lines, so a line will need to be present or run by an expert.

Determine the Perfect Location: Selecting the perfect location for your fire pit is critical. The fire pit should be positioned at a safe distance from structures and vegetation, ensuring safety while maximizing utility.

Speaking of Fire Pit Safety…

Fire pits are a wonderful addition to your outdoor space, but to keep them safe, follow five key safety guidelines.

  1. Make sure the fire pit is far from overhanging trees, shrubs, or any flammable materials.
  2. If you have young children or pets, include a barrier or guard around the fire pit.
  3. Always have a method to extinguish the fire close by, such as a fire extinguisher or a bucket of sand.
  4. Don’t burn things in your fire pit that aren’t meant to be burned.
  5. Regularly clean out ash and debris. For gas fire pits, routinely check for gas leaks.

Beyond common sense safety precautions, there may also be local or homeowners’ association regulations with which your fire pit must comply.

Local regulations can be a maze, but it’s vital to ensure your fire pit complies with them. The rules may dictate the type, size, location, and even the fuel of your fire pit. Fortunately, with seasoned experts like those at Complete Home Concepts, you’re not navigating these restrictions alone. Our team has an in-depth understanding of Kansas City’s regulations and can guide you through the process, ensuring your fire pit is compliant. We’ve installed fire pits in the majority of neighborhoods throughout the KC metro.

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Ready to Get Started on Your Fire Pit Project This Fall? (Or Any Other Time of Year?)

Fire pits can greatly enhance the appeal and functionality of an outdoor space. While they can be installed throughout the year, fall is a particularly favorite time due to the immediate benefits it offers in the colder months. For homeowners in Kansas City considering a new or upgraded fire pit, our team is ready with an expert consultation tailored options to meet your goals and budget.

Ready to explore designs, options, and installation timelines? Contact Complete Home Concepts in Kansas City for a comprehensive consultation.