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Storm Damage – What To Do After a Storm

During the Spring season, storms roll through the Midwest on a regular basis. Some are mild, leaving little trace of their passing, while others are fierce, leaving behind damage to vehicles, homes and businesses. In 2016, according to the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), there were 15 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the United States. With the storm season upon us, it’s important to know what you should do after inclement weather hits your neighborhood.

Whether it is wind, rain, hail or lightening, it’s important to do a quick inspection around your property after a storm to check for any damages that might require repairs – or even an insurance claim.

After the storm has cleared and it is safe to go outside, you should check the following things around your property:


  • Missing, damaged or broken roof shingles
  • Siding damage
  • Cracks, tears or buckling in the flashing
  • Chimney damage – tilting, loose or damaged bricks, missing or torn flashing
  • Gutters with debris and clogging, granules in downspouts, dents, bent or sagging sections, loose attachments
  • Shattered windows, broken panes or damaged frame
  • Downed or damaged powerlines – make sure that you stay away from any downed lines, and call the local utility company to report the location


  • Check the attic and interiors for damp sections, moisture stains or peeling paint on the walls or ceiling
  • Look in the basement and crawl space for flooding or structural damage
  • Inspect electronics and appliances after power surges – washer, dryer, dishwasher, electric fireplace, refrigerator, TV, computer, etc.
  • Downed or damaged powerlines – make sure that you stay away from any downed lines, and call the local utility company to report the location

It is important to take action quickly after a storm causes damage to your property. The longer you wait to fix problems caused from storms, the costlier and more damaging the issue can become. It is best to call a professional, and possibly, your insurance provider in order to get any issues taken care of promptly and effectively.

Always be sure to document any damage that has been caused by a heavy storm with photos or videos. If your damage requires an insurance claim, provide any documentation, invoices and receipts that you have available to ensure an accurate estimate of losses.

After a storm rolls through your area, you can give Complete Home Concepts is ready to help. We offer gutter service, gutter repair and gutter cleaning, as well as, full seamless gutter replacements. We can also provide a full chimney inspection in which we check for nests, limbs or blockages, broken or missing tile liners, loose or missing mortar joints, cracks in flue liners and hidden breechings.

Next time your home encounters heavy rain, wind or hail – give us a call at (816) 471-4663 or visit us at completehomeconepts.com to fill out a service request form.