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Stone Veneer: The Ultimate Upgrade for Kansas City Outdoor Kitchens

Fall Outdoor Kitchen

With home prices and mortgage rates high, many homeowners in Kansas City are choosing to upgrade their current home with features like an outdoor kitchen. When designed and installed properly, an outdoor kitchen not only serves as a functional space for relaxing and entertaining, but also a complement to your home and lifestyle. Last, but not least, an outdoor kitchen can increase your home’s value.

Traditional materials like brick and wood have long dominated outdoor living spaces, like decks and fire pit areas. When it comes to outdoor kitchens, these materials (and therefore your space) can be elevated by adding stone veneer to the mix.  

The best outdoor kitchen is when visual design and practicality combine. If you’re on the verge of designing or reinventing your outdoor dining and cooking space, there are a lot of reasons to incorporate stone veneer, especially from Complete Home Concepts’ wide selection in all styles and colors.

Most Popular Places and Ways to Use Stone Veneer in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Stone veneer BBQ corner: Why stop at a simple grill when a BBQ nook can be the focal point? Clad with stone veneer, it becomes both functional and visually appealing.

Sink and prep stations: Incorporate sinks and preparation counters into your outdoor kitchen. Use stone veneer to encase these elements, ensuring cohesion in design and hiding unsightly plumbing.

Veneer-accented seating: Extend the veneer theme to seating areas. This brings uniformity and introduces an element of luxury to your outdoor space.

Fireplaces and fire pits: What’s more inviting than a warm fireplace or fire pit on a chilly evening? Enhance these features with stone veneer to create cozy, intimate gathering spots.

Five Reasons Why Stone Veneer is a Material of Choice for Outdoor Kitchens in Kansas City

  1. Use it in lots of creative ways. Unlike real stone, stone veneer isn’t confined to the natural patterns and colors found in quarries. It stretches the boundaries of design, providing homeowners with a wide range of choices. From subtle earthy tones to vibrant hues, from classic shapes to contemporary designs, stone veneer offers a canvas as vast as your imagination.
  2. Stay within budget. Dreaming of a luxurious outdoor kitchen often means budgeting for it. Stone veneer, with all its versatility, offers the look of real stone at a far more affordable price point. This means you can allocate budget to other areas or splurge on high-end features, such as a pizza oven, outdoor fireplace, outdoor heater and such.
  3. Count on it to last. Complete Home Concepts Kansas City ensures its stone veneer is crafted from the finest material, guaranteeing longevity. Kansas City’s unpredictable weather, ranging from scorching summers to freezing winters, is hard on most outdoor materials. However, stone veneer is resilient against the elements.
  4. Easy installation, especially if done by our professionals. The ease with which stone veneer can be installed is key. Stone veneer is lightweight, making it quicker and easier to install than natural stone.
  5. Maintenance is a breeze. Once the stone veneer in your outdoor kitchen is installed, it needs minimal maintenance. Occasional cleaning with common household agents is usually sufficient.

Stone Veneer Style and Color Options for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Our Model Stone molds are cast from locally quarried stone in Riverside, Missouri, replicating the shapes, hues and textures of natural stone. Model Stone offers 8 stone profiles and 7 different colors. See Model Stone options.

Semco Stone has a reputation for consistent products, advancements in technology, quality, and service that exceed industry standards. See Semco Stone options.

As a leading innovator, Coronado Stone Products has been creating manufactured stone that captures the natural elegance, beauty, and feel of genuine stone for over 50 years. They have provided stone to countless home builders and commercial projects, both large and small. See Coronado Stone options.

Thinking about a transformation for your outdoor kitchen or adding one to your home?  The experts at Complete Home Concepts Kansas City are here to guide you through the process, ensuring your outdoor space is the envy of the neighborhood. Ready to get started? Stop by our showroom or contact us today.