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How to Keep Shower Doors and Mirrors Sparkling Clean

There are two types of people in this world. Those who follow the squeegee rule and those who don’t. If you know the squeegee rule, you’re here to find tips on how to occasionally deep clean your shower doors and mirrors to a sparkle. If you don’t know or don’t adhere to the squeegee rule, you’re here because you need serious deep cleaning advice on how to remove layers of hard-water stains, mineral buildup, mildew and muck. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Behold the Quick Miracle Work of the Squeegee

Squeegee devotees, hold on while we talk to the non-users. Cleaning glass shower doors and mirrors is a dreadful household chore, especially in the Kansas City area where we have hard water that leaves a mineral buildup and stains.

Taking a few seconds to squeegee water off your glass shower doors and mirrors after every use drastically cuts down on having to put elbow grease into scrubbing accumulated film off for that sparking clean effect. Basically, you’re spending a few seconds after your shower to save hours scrubbing later.

Bottom line: Squeegeeing is a serious time saver that keeps your glass shower doors and mirrors cleaner for longer. Join the squeegee-ers.

What are We Dealing with on Glass Shower Doors and Mirrors?

That cloudy film that builds up on your glass shower doors (and mirrors depending on where they are) is a mix of hard water mineral deposits and personal care product (soap, body wash, shaving cream, etc.) buildup. Left on your glass for too long and these can cause etching that leads to permanent damage.

A Two-Step Defense

The first defense against filmy buildup is to wipe away water after every use. See why we encourage squeegeeing? Microfiber cloths are an alternative to a squeegee and can dry areas hard to reach with a squeegee, but be prepared to throw them in the wash occasionally, and you may need multiples so a dry one is always ready for use.

Misting the area with a daily shower cleaner is the second step to keep your glass shower doors and mirrors sparkly and keep from deep cleaning as often. There are several daily shower cleaners on the market that work well. For a cheap, chemical free DIY cleaner, combine ½ cup hydrogen peroxide, 1 tsp. dish soap and 1 T. dishwasher rinse aid in a spray bottle.

To keep cloudy film at bay, swap bar soap for body wash. Bar soap contains talc and adds to buildup on glass shower doors.

When the Time Comes for Deep Cleaning Glass Shower Doors and Mirrors

Eventually, the time comes when it requires more than a quick squeegee or swipe of a microfiber cloth to get these surfaces sparkling and clear again.

Magic Eraser sponges make easy work of scrubbing off soap scum and hard water stains. If you don’t have one on hand, wet a dryer sheet and scrub. Bar Keepers Friend powder sprinkled on a damp sponge also works. A DIY version of making a paste with baking soda and water is non-chemical. After scrubbing, rinse surfaces with water or white vinegar and squeegee or wipe off the water.

Protecting Your Hard Work and Sparkly Surfaces

No one wants to scrub glass shower doors and mirrors more than absolutely necessary. To minimize hard water and soap scum buildup, coat your glass doors and mirrors with a water repellant like Rain-X. It works in your bathroom as it does on your vehicle’s windshield.

Following the tips above can keep your surfaces clear and shiny. However, if your glass shower doors and mirrors are too far damaged from etching or you’re ready for an upgrade, browse our design gallery and contact us to bring your ideas to life.