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Shower Doors To Enhance Your Bathroom Design

Shower Doors To Enhance Your Bathroom Design

A focal point of any bathroom maybe the tub or shower enclosure, or you may want to show off your new marble walls or custom tile surround. Doors can enhance those designs or hide them the choice is a varied as the bathroom.

Shower doors primarily fall into two types:  Bypass doors and pivot doors.

Bypass are also known as sliding doors, and usually consist of 2 panels although larger openings can have 3 or more. The panels slide past each other on tracks situated at the bottom and top of a shower unit.  They take up less space, which is why they tend to be the most popular Bypass doors are also more of a challenge to clean and to keep clean, as the tracks tend to collect water, soap and other debris, creating an environment where mold and mildew can grow, so they require more frequent maintenance. 

Pivot doors—also called hinged or swinging doors—generally take up more space and therefore are generally utilized in larger bathrooms.  It is possible, however, to mount them so that they open inward, although this is often less practical. You must remember that some city codes don’t allow inward swinging doors. Some hinges are designed to swing both in and out. This design may allow for installation in a smaller bathroom. By swinging both ways you can keep the water in the shower and also allow for safety issues should somebody fall in the shower.

Most shower door companies manufacture shower doors that are framed, the glass surrounded by an aluminum frame attached to an upper or lower track.  The current trend is toward frame-less doors which require less upkeep and fit well into contemporary bathroom design.

There is a wide variety of glass available for today’s modern shower doors:

  • Clear glass is most popular.  It allows light to penetrate and lessens any sense of feeling confined in a too-small space. And to show off that fancy Marble or Tile.
  • Frosted glass provides a stronger sense of privacy and is available in different colors, designs and patterns.
  • Rain glass is textured on just one side, smooth on the other, and offers the same features as frosted glass. BY having the texture on only one side it makes the glass easier to clean.
  • Tinted glass provides a sense of privacy and comes in such a wide variety of colors that it’s easy to choose one that will complement the décor of the rest of the bathroom.
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All shower glass must be tempered for safety and code. You will know the glass is tempered because there is a stamped logo usually at the bottom corner of the glass. Tempered Glass is designed to break into very small pieces should anything happen to the glass.

Some newer home bathroom designs eliminate the need for a shower door altogether.  There are many wraparound shower ideas that incorporate block glass and stone or tiled walls separating the enclosure. However they have one important issue you need to remember. Doors will help retain the heat from your running water and open concept shower does not retain that heat and may make for a colder shower than you are used to.

There are dozens of colors of metal that can be used to both enhance the glass choice and or the other bathroom fixtures. Most Shower Door suppliers can match the metal to sink faucets or you can match you towel bars to you shower metal. Some companies offer color choices such as Red or White that offer unlimited decorating ideas. Ultimately, the ideal shower set-up for your home is the one that finds an ideal design for your bathroom.

Complete Home Concepts has the stiles and expertise to help you design the shower or tub enclosure that would be the perfect addition to you new or remodeled bathroom. Come see our showroom in Riverside, MO.