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How to Reduce Home Remodeling Costs Using Stone Veneer

How to Reduce Home Remodeling Costs Using Stone Veneer

Are you wondering how you can manage home remodeling projects at a time when everything from labor to material costs are higher than usual? Rather than put them off for a while, there are ways to incorporate stone veneer that can help keep you within budget and possibly return a profit when the time comes to sell.

Stone veneer falls under the thin veneer product/material category. It is made from concrete and designed to imitate the colors, shapes and sizes of natural stone. Stone veneer is used for both interior and exterior applications. Think of stone veneer as a thick tile, not a structural part of the wall, but a gorgeous, texturally rich wall covering that mimics the look, feel and character of solid stone. With veneer, it’s easy to improve the look of your home’s exterior or interior, such as a stone fireplace or wall at a fraction of the cost of real stone.

For the past few years, manufactured stone has been at the top of Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report’s list of remodeling projects’ return on investment in the Midwest and for Kansas City homeowners. When it comes to enhancing your home’s exterior or interior aesthetic, it’s important to choose the projects and materials that provide the most bang for the buck, now and at resale.

Stone veneer, with all the size, shape and color options, has a sophisticated look, and adds value to your home. The most recent numbers in the Cost vs. Value report indicate you can recoup up to 96% of the cost of installing stone veneer in our area. In the Mountain and Pacific regions, homeowners were able to recoup 100% to 120% of the initial cost at sale, essentially paying for or profiting on the cost of using stone veneer. This is something to keep in mind since West Coast trends can make their way to the Midwest.

Using Stone Veneer to Update Your Home’s Exterior

Stone veneer from Complete Home Concepts is an ideal replacement for Kansas City homes that have siding, adding visual appeal and enhanced architectural interest. Since the material is lightweight and easier to install than natural stone, you reap the benefits of the look of stone without the need for major or expensive alterations to your existing exterior.

You can use stone veneer as an exterior wall accent or cover architectural elements like columns or doorways. Another option is to cover exposed concrete foundations with stone veneer to elevate the look of your home, not to mention offers another layer of protection against the elements, if installed correctly. Since stone veneer is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, you’ll find one that’s the perfect match for your home’s style from rustic to contemporary.

Stone veneer’s curb appeal extends to landscaping and outdoor living spaces, too. Stone veneer is extremely durable, making it a perfect material to add to your landscaping, such as retaining walls and patios. Using the same or a complementary stone veneer can create a unified look that enhances curb appeal and connects the spaces.

Using Stone Veneer to Update Your Home’s Interior

Stone is known for its durability and longevity in exterior projects, but interior designers are going nuts incorporating stone veneer in home decorating to either bring a natural-looking warmth or a sleek aesthetic to just about every room in a house. A few of the most popular trends are:

  • Stone veneer bars and islands
  • Stone veneer accent walls
  • Stone veneer in the master bath
  • Stone veneer shelving
  • Stone veneer in the kitchen

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Made from the highest quality stone products, designed for both interior and exterior applications, our stone veneer selection is second to none in the Kansas City area. Installation performed by master stonemason only seals the deal. Let’s talk about your home project, how we can use stone veneer from Model Stone, Semco or Coronado collections to help keep budget in check, and ultimately improve your home’s look and value.

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