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The Potential Cost of Gutter Disrepair

Hidden gutters

You likely hear quite a bit of information about the importance of gutter cleaning, but may still find yourself wondering why you need to invest in it. If you are like many other homeowners, you may decide to leave your gutters alone until the debris can be seen from the ground, or until some other problem is present. Unfortunately, gutters are at the edge of your roof, which means its easy to forget about them until there is an actual problem.

If you neglect your gutters, it is a huge mistake that may wind up costing you quite a bit of money. Remember, preventative maintenance is much more affordable than repairs. Some of the damages that may occur if you neglect your gutters are found here.

Damage to Your Home’s Foundation

The main purpose of your home’s gutter is to redirect water away from the foundation of your home. If you don’t have a gutter system, then water is going to begin pooling around your foundation and seep into the ground. Over time, the water may erode the foundation and find its way into cracks, as well as other imperfections in the home. When cold weather arrives, it can cause the water to freeze, resulting in the formation of ice, which will expand the cracks slighting and when the water melts, it will leave this new, larger space behind.

As this process is repeated year after year, it can cause serious damage. This is one of the main reasons that gutters exist to begin with. If you neglect your home’s gutters, it will damage your home significantly.

Damage to Your Landscape

If you are like a number of other homeowners, you have spent quite a bit of time and money to make your home beautiful and comfortable. Manicured hedges, well-trimmed lawns and flower gardens really add to the aesthetic appeal. While periodic rains are great for your lawn, serious damage can occur if your gutters begin to overflow. As water begins to come down over the side of your gutter, it can pool in locations near your home’s foundation. This can result in your plants drowning, adding to the replacement costs, not to mention the aesthetic damage that will occur.

Gutters that Collapse

Keep in mind, water is heavy. Think about your garbage can that was left in the rain and wound up filling up with water. It was virtually immovable, right? The same thing happens in your gutters. While leaves or the occasional baseball isn’t going to weigh your gutters down too much, if water is flowing freely, then water isn’t going to be a problem either. However, if a clog occurs, and water begins to fill up, the extra weight will be under a huge burden – much larger than they were designed to handle.

If the water sits for too long, the weight may eventually result in your gutters collapsing. This becomes even more likely to occur when you figure out that most gutters are nailed to fascia boards, which are wood. When exposed to moisture, wood will rot, which can cause it to become weaker. This can cause serious damage.

If you notice any of the problems here, then it is time to call the professionals for an inspection. It is also a good idea to call for professional inspections on a regular basis to ensure this type of damage doesn’t occur. If you don’t take steps to prevent gutter damage, it is going to get worse and cost more to repair in the long run.