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Our Outdoor Fire Concepts Let You Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

An outdoor fireplace can be a warm and inviting addition to your backyard. A fireplace provides heat on cool evenings, creates a cozy atmosphere for gatherings, and adds value to your home. As with our indoor fireplaces, we offer many options in both wood-burning and gas-burning models for your stone front fireplaces. Whether you’re updating your existing space or creating an entirely new layout, rely on our outdoor fireplace experts to help you choose the unit right for your lifestyle. Complete Home Concepts has served homeowners like you for almost 50 years, and we’re known as a leading fireplace store in Kansas City.

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Our outdoor fireplace experts will help you envision the possibilities.

    The Right Outdoor Fireplace for Your Outdoor Living Space

    Built-in, standalone or see-through?  We can help you decide.  Consider your seating, your entertaining style and how you want friends and family to enjoy the look and warmth of your backyard. Let us bring the joy of hearth and home to your outdoor living space with a Kansas City fireplace.

    1. Where’s the Fire?

    Are you replacing or updating the fireplace in an existing stone structure, or are you starting from scratch? The first step is to decide on the location of your outdoor fireplace. Depending on its installation location, a fireplace can provide a wall of privacy in your backyard. And if you have a small yard, a fireplace can be the outdoor solution that requires less space than a firepit.

    2. What’s Your Fuel?

    There’s nothing like the sound and smell of burning logs, but gas fireplaces are more convenient, as you never have to buy wood (or chop it yourself) or take the time to start a fire. Gas is clean and quick. The right answer is what’s right for you. The good news is that Complete Home Concepts offers a variety of wood-burning and gas-burning outdoor fireplace models to fit into your space. 

    3. It’s Not Complicated – To Us.

    We’re talking about fire here, and we take safety seriously. This is not a do-it-yourself project.  Our expert design and installation teams understand how to install outdoor fireplaces according to the regulations of your municipality and homeowners’ association. Complete Home Concepts has been installing, repairing and servicing fireplaces in Kansas City homes since 1977, longer than any other company in the business. Homeowners trust us because fireplaces are what we do. Our technicians are licensed, insured and experienced in fireplace installation, service and repair.