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How Do I Know if an Outdoor Fire Pit Will Give Off Enough Heat for My Space?

How Do I Know if an Outdoor Fire Pit Will Give Off Enough Heat for My Space?

Choosing the perfect outdoor fire pit takes more than deciding on a certain style or type of fuel—although those are both important, too. For Kansas City homeowners, an outdoor fire pit isn’t only a lifestyle element, but also a functional one, making spending chilly nights outside warm and comfortable.

First and Foremost, Fire Pit Safety and Regulation Compliance
Before purchasing or building and installing your outdoor fire pit, take time to research your local laws, regulations and fire codes, as well as any HOA guidelines that spell out what types of fire pits are allowed. Knowing ahead of time can avoid dangerous situations or having to move or remove your outdoor fire pit.

Working with Complete Home Concepts takes this burden off your shoulders. Our outdoor fire pit experts know or will learn your city’s and neighborhood’s rules. Plus, you’ll be assured that your fire pit—whether gas or wood-burning—is built or installed to code.

Wood-Burning Fire Pits
Wood-burning fire pits, depending on the size, style and construction, are usually the budget friendly. Not to mention they bring the smell and crackle of burning wood.

Since wood-burning fire pits are placed in outdoor living spaces off a wooden deck and away from your house or other structures and trees, size will dictate how much heat they radiate and how far.

Take into consideration the number of people who’ll be gathering around and how your seating will be arranged. Our outdoor fire pit experts can help match the size of the fire pit to your seating, so you won’t be left with too small or large of either. They also offer advice on how to arrange the area to cut down on blowing smoke annoyances.

Gas Fire Pits
Gas fire pits are the epitome of ease. No gathering wood or cleaning up the ashes is necessary. They burn natural gas, propane or ethanol, depending on the construction and connection type, and of course require a mere twist of a knob or flip of a switch to operate.

· Propane tanks last 8-12 hours and usually puts out the most heat and BTUs, more than natural gas, but doesn’t burn as clean as natural gas.

· Natural gas through a gas line is a steady fuel supply, so you never have to change tanks or worry about running out mid-gathering.

· Ethanol is smokeless and the most environmentally friendly fuel, but doesn’t put out the degree of heat that propane or natural gas can.

Know Your BTUs
BTU stands for British Thermal Units and measures fuel-based heat. The higher number the BTUs, the more heat output, thus the larger the area the fire pit warms. As a rule of thumb, 30,000 BTUs will warm 5 to 8 feet radius. 50,000 BTUs will cover 8 to 10 feet.

Supplement an Outdoor Fire Pit with an Outdoor Heater
Outdoor heaters from Infratech are installed in outdoor living environments in high-end homes coast to coast. When it comes to design, installation, manufacturing and control functionality, Infratech has the most robust set of industry-exclusive features and benefits.

Flush mount installation. Voice-activated, hands-free control. American craftsmanship. Custom control and design capabilities. No noise, odor or greenhouse gases. Smart home integration—all combine for a far superior experience over other brands.

When combined with fire pits (assuming the space has an overhead structure on which the outdoor heater can be installed), outdoor heaters can supplement for heat in areas where the heat from your outdoor fire pit won’t reach.

Don’t Guess. Get Expert Help.
Complete Home Concepts is Kansas City’s premier showroom for exploring all your options for heating your outdoor living space and ensuring your outdoor fire pit is compliant with codes and safe for you, your family, friends and neighbors. Talk to one of our fire pit experts today.