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The One Thing That Can Derail Your Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Project

Outdoor Fire Pit

You’re expanding your outdoor living space with a gas firepit. The preliminary decisions you need to make involve choosing a style, size and functionality. Prior to installation, you’ll need to ensure your fire pit is compliant with building codes, laws and any HOA restrictions.

Outdoor Fire Pit Styles

Whether creating an outdoor living space or improving your deck or patio, Complete Home Concepts carries outdoor fire pits from top manufacturers in styles ranging from modern and rustic to traditional. Once you know the style you want, you can choose the shape, size and design to complement your outdoor space.

Outdoor Fire Pit Functionality

This is one of the most important qualities of your new fire pit. Make sure you pick a fire pit that will fit your needs. Consider whether children will be present, seating arrangements and the installation location.

Compliant with Building Codes, Laws and Your HOA

Building codes, local laws and even HOAs have rules about installing and using an outdoor fire pit, even gas ones. Complete Home Concepts has designed outdoor living spaces and installed fire pits in most Kansas City neighborhoods. Let us save you the headache of inadvertently overlooking regulations, and the frustration and cost of getting your fire pit up to code.

Big or Small Fire Pits

Envision using your outdoor fire pit and where you want it installed. How close do you want people to sit by the fire and how many people will usually be there? You’ll want enough room to be comfortable and uncrowded, but close enough to be “cozy.” Our designers can recommend the right size to fit your needs, space and budget.

Fuel Type

Gas is extremely popular for many reasons. No keeping firewood on hand. No replacing propane tanks. Less risk of embers blowing away. No need to add firewood throughout the night. No worrying about whether it’s completely extinguished before you leave it. No ashes to clean out.

Installing a gas outdoor fire pit can involve running a gas line to it. And, that gas line is the one thing that can derail your project. Whenever you’re dealing with a gas line, it’s critical to have a licensed plumber perform the work, regardless if it’s a new line or you’re updating an old one. Any problems with a gas line installation can result in a leak that cannot only cause damage to your property, but also pose a serious health threat to everyone in the house and around the fire pit.

How to Avoid Gas Line Problems from Derailing Your Project

Typically, the area where the fire pit will be installed already has a patio or you’re having a new area created. If you are creating a new patio, let your contractor know that you’ll be running a gas line. Your plumber will determine the size of the sleeve that needs to be run under the concrete. Then, the landscaper will run this sleeve and pour the patio on top. Doing this makes everyone’s lives easier.

If you’re keeping your existing patio and no sleeve is run underneath, you’re usually not going to avoid having some chunks torn out to run the sleeve. That’s why being proactive in designing a new patio is so important.

Your Choice of Plumber Matters

Prior to hiring any plumbing contractor to run a gas line to your outdoor fire pit, make sure you are confident in his or her ability and experience. A new gas line will fuel your fire pit, but it can also create serious issues if handled incorrectly. Your plumber should:

· Be licensed to work with gas lines

· Have years of experience running gas lines

· Be insured with liability and workers compensation insurance

· Be familiar with local codes

One of the biggest concerns when installing a gas fire pit is gas line size or how many BTUs are required for fire pit burners. Usually, the bigger the burner the more BTUs you need for your fire pit.

When running a gas line, the longer the length the fewer BTUs you will have. Your plumber must install the size of pipe you will need to match the BTUs needed for your burner. Also, when adding fittings and elbows, your BTUs are reduced even more. Figuring all this out is why experience is critical.

Work with Experts in Gas Outdoor Fire Pits When you add a gas fire pit to your home’s outdoor space, entrust it to experienced designers and installers. Complete Home Concepts designs and installs fire pits as part of your existing or new space, working closely with you to create a space you’ll love. And just as importantly, we work with your plumber to ensure the gas line meets the needs of the fire pit you selected. Ready to get a jumpstart on fall entertaining and relaxing? Contact us or visit our showroom today.