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Modern Glass Shower Doors Aren’t Found at Retail Home Improvement Stores

Glass Shower

You’re transforming your bathroom into a modern-day, luxurious, spa-like retreat. Whether you’re in the beginning design stage or in the thick of the project or ready for the final touches, choosing a glass shower door is something you will have to do.

There are two schools of thought on selecting your glass shower door.

  1. If you have a spectacular custom shower enclosure in the plan, you select and order your shower door early on, and it becomes a set item in your budget. Meaning, should unexpected expenses occur, you adjust your budget in other places, such as lighting, etc.
  2. You leave the shower door decision up in the air and choose one based on the budget left toward the end of your bath remodel. There is no right or wrong way; but rather a matter of personal priorities.

That being said, we know based on years of working with homeowners that the shower area is a focal point and will be used most, if not every, day. It’s an area where homeowners tend to splurge in a bath remodel project. As such, having to cut corners on a modern glass shower door isn’t something they (or you) want to do if or when your project goes over budget. And, many do since you never know the issues you might encounter behind a wall, under a floor, etc.

Expert Advice on Shower Doors

Whatever you decide to do and wherever you are in the bath remodel stage, here is our advice on glass shower doors.

Your contractor is an expert in home and bath remodeling. Chances are he or she will subcontract out certain work that is not his or her expertise, such as electrical or plumbing. You’ll want to discuss your custom shower door in great detail with your contractor. Complete Home Concepts works with many renowned bathroom remodelers who point their clients to our showroom for choosing a shower door. And, then there are some who will purchase the shower door at the same place they buy lumber, a home improvement store. Know what your shower door will be, from where it will be purchased and who will install it. After all, glass is a different beast when it comes to installation. Working with custom shower doors as often as we do, we account for the fact that walls and enclosures are rarely exactly square and level. We custom cut and install shower doors in a way that they fit perfectly. You want your shower door to be cut and hung by professionals who do this work every single day, multiple times a day.

If a modern glass shower door is on your “definitely want” list, then look beyond home improvement stores. Yes, these shower doors are affordable, but also, they are pre-fabricated and mass-produced. This limits your choices when it comes to your unique bath and shower area, as well as your size options. Being mass-produced, shower doors at retail stores are designed to fit the most common shower sizes and your finishing options are what the stores’ buyers believe will sell best. While considered safe, the glass isn’t the high-quality, heavy glass you get from Complete Home Concepts’ glass artisans. Bottom line: your choice comes down to what’s on the floor or what can be ordered, not what best matches your design vision or custom shower area.

You can browse the internet for design inspiration and buy fixtures and more online. But ordering custom, modern glass shower doors is risky and unadvised. We recently wrote a blog about this called You Can Order Custom Cut Glass Online, but Should You? By working with a local company, you’ll know your custom cut glass order will be done exactly to the specifications. Plus, it’s a hassle to order and wait for a piece that arrives looking nothing like you wanted or doesn’t fit properly. Since glass is fragile, even the most careful shipping isn’t a guarantee your order will arrive intact and undamaged. 

Complete Home Concepts design, create and install fully custom shower enclosures to accommodate virtually any need. Everything from bypass shower doors to frameless glass panel enclosures. Standard pivot doors to neo-angle shower stalls. Choose from numerous combinations of glass patterns and finishes to complete your shower design.

Take a look at our online design gallery or visit our showroom for your custom or modern shower door. Free estimates are available.