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No one cuts more mirrors & glass than Complete Home Concepts. As one of the largest fabricators in the Metro KC area, we are able to create made-to-order mirrors, desktops, glass shelves, cabinet door glass, shower doors and more. At Complete Home Concepts, we believe in quality, so we have in-house fabrication. Our installers are not sub-contracted, so you know you’re working with the people that will do the job right. We can produce custom orders for residential or commercial customers.

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    Featured Trends

    Antique Mirrors
    An Antique Mirror is a new solution for an old classic. Antique mirrors are perfect for use as interior walls, tabletops, furniture inserts and other interior uses for a classic feel in any environment. At Complete Home Concepts, we strive to offer large-scale sizes for numerous applications at an economical price point. This style was developed as a standard antique pattern that was calm and consistent, without huge splotches or flares which may detract from the desired effect. That same pattern is also applied to bronze mirror, for a warm chocolate effect in interiors.

    Going big is what we do best

    The Antique Mirror is crafted without limitations. Largest custom size capability is 84” x 130” (note: minimums may apply). That means that large installations have fewer seams, and sheet optimization is more efficient. Alternative sizes, glass thickness, custom water jet fabricated shapes, drilled holes and cut-outs, tempering, and additional fabrication are all available upon request.

    Ideal for use as:

    • Wall mirrors
    • Full length mirrors
    • Backsplashes
    • Cabinet inserts
    • Table toppers

    • Furniture inserts
    • Wet bars
    • Restaurants
    • Lobby areas
    • Lounges

    Examples of the 3 basic patterns available:


    High-Definition Mirrors

    A High-Definition Mirror is what we call our low-iron mirror products, which uses low-iron glass as the substrate for a sharper reflection. This mirror can be a wall mirror or free-standing like a full length mirror and offer brighter reflections, truer colors, and sharper focus.

    Normal mirrors are made with high quality glass known as “mirror quality”, which features fewer blemishes and marks in the glass from the float supplier. However, normal mirrors still have the greenish tint of ordinary glass that can cause reflections to be altered. The low-iron substrate in a High-Definition Mirror greatly reduces this greenish tint for a clearer reflection.

    A High-Definition Mirror is a brighter, clearer mirror. Making it an advantage for environments where color, skin tones, or detail and clarity are important:

    • Hospitality environments: spas & salons
    • Medical offices: dermatologists & optometrists
    • Retail: bridal, jewelry, car showrooms, or other high-end retailers

    Available in sizes up to 96 in x 144 in, we are able to create the biggest, brightest mirror possible.

    Other mirror products we provide:

    • High-quality US made mirrors
    • Copper-free mirrors
    • Matte, acid-etched mirrors
    • Tinted mirrors
    • Selective silvering
    • Tempered mirrors
    • CAT II safety-backed mirrors
    • Customized contract framed mirrors for hospitality

    Complete Home Concepts offers everything from an ornate beveled-edge mirror to 12’x12’ exercise walls. We also offer numerous tints and pattern options. Have an idea? Bring it (and approximate measurements) to our design gallery; we can get it done.

    Mirror Specs

    • m-59c 36 X 52 2" STAGGARD STRIP
    • m-55c 36 X 52 4" BLOCK & DOUBLE 2" STRIP
    • m-52c 36 X 52 4" BLOCK W/ DOUBLE 2" X 4" BLOCKS & 2" STRIPS
    • m-50c 36 X 52 4" RECTANGLES W/ DOUBLE 2" STRIP
    • m-48c 36 X 52 3" TRIPLE BLOCK W/ 3" STRIP
    • m-46c 36 X 52 3" BLOCK & 3" STRIP
    • m-44c 36 X 52 3" STRIPS @45
    • m-42c 36 X 52 2" BLOCK & 2" STRIP
    • m-40c 36 X 52 2" STRIPS @ 45