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Mirror Tips and Tricks: How To Make A Room Look Bigger

Mirror Tips and Tricks: How To Make A Room Look Bigger

Do you live in a small space that is feeling a bit crowded?  Maybe the walls are starting to feel as if they are closing in?  There is an affordable solution to give you the feel of being in a much larger space. Strategically placed custom mirror work, in a large expanse, can give the illusion of adding a whole additional room.  Aside from elevated ceilings and massive windows, there is no better friend to a small space than a well-placed mirror. Take care in not creating undesirable reflections. 

Help a tiny powder room feel grander by installing mirrors floor to ceiling on one wall. Using “antiqued mirror” turns the mirrors into a decorative feature instead of a practical one.  They will perform the same proportion-boosting service as a standard mirror with a far more decorative appeal.

Enhance a hall or stairway by adding depth and brightness with custom measured floor to ceiling mirror.  Hallways often feel dreary and constricted or cramped; a simple floor-to-ceiling mirror will move the light around and brighten the space. This is another beautiful space for an antiqued or colored mirror.

Add some ambiance in your dining area.   Adding mirrors allows for a softer light to be used, still leaving the area light and bright, all the while giving the effect of more space.

Mirrors with back lighting are stunning features in bathrooms, Adding a framed back and adjustable lighting components give a brilliant effect to a small dimly lit bathroom.

Elongate a wall either vertically or horizontally by installing an extended length mirror in the same direction. Or take this a step further and add multiple panels alternating with another material like wood or metal to give more of a modern art effect.

Mirrors are a fairly easy way to add a bit of flare to any space; a bold and gorgeous mirror can be the focal point acting as a piece of art in a room. Do you have a colossal old frame? Paint it, Replace the original contents with mirror and give it a new purpose.  Glass companies can cut mirror to any size or shape and adding a beveled edge can give some extra dazzle.  You can also use a large floor length mirror behind a piece of furniture in a tight space.   Mirrors the same width of the furniture make the piece look fixed and prominent rather than shoved in and cramped.  

Have a specific frame idea but not finding exactly what you want?  Buy your mirror from a local glass cutter, they will cut mirror to your perfect size.   Then have your local frame shop create a frame for it. You will have many frame styles to choose from.

Have a dreary boring bar area?  there are many reasons to create back bar mirrors with shelves, the main one being that it’s a glamorous way to reflect a bar’s liquor stock and tap options. Giving a smaller home bar set up a larger more open feel.