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What to Look for in a Custom Cut Glass Fabricator Near You

Shower Doors

Glass is having a moment. It has always been a popular material in contemporary and modern style homes, and now designers are using it to divide spaces, create shelves in the kitchen, living room, baths and libraries, enclose stunning wine rooms and more.

These uses are in addition to tabletops, shower doors and other more traditional applications. With the ability to customize the cut, edge profile and finish options, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire for a truly unique and sophisticated look. However, your ultimate satisfaction with the look relies on working with a reputable and skilled custom cut glass fabricator near you.

Your Custom Cut Glass Fabricator Should Have Years of Experience

Complete Home Concepts is one of the KC Metro’s largest fabricators, and our custom glass cutting is performed in-house to assure a quality product and final result. We never sub-contract the installation phase because custom cut glass must be installed with knowledge and precision.

Different factors such as thickness, shape, and finish must be considered in order to achieve optimal performance for different applications. For example, the thickness, cut and edge profile of the glass must be carefully chosen for projects such as shower doors, partition walls, wine cellars and weight-bearing shelves.

Work with a Custom Cut Glass Fabricator Near You

Working with a custom cut glass fabricator near you, like Complete Home Concepts, saves a lot of hassle, time and money. Ordering glass online might allow you to look at photos of what your glass project will look like, but nothing replaces seeing your custom cut glass options in real life. Plus, you or your designer can discuss which thickness, edge profile and finish will match your goals. What you had in mind might work, but talking through it with an expert could change your mind and result in a better look.

A word on custom cut glass finishes… Part of custom cut glass’s allure is the ability to customize it to your needs and space. For privacy, you can choose frosted, satin, reflective, tinted or etched glass or glass with a film. The etching technique and film can be used to personalize should you want a specific initial, word, image or pattern on your glass. Finished can be layered for a unique look.

Even though just about anything can be ordered online today, glass is fragile and usually heavy. Custom cut glass fabricators must charge steep delivery fees, and that isn’t a guarantee your glass will arrive in one piece. Not to mention, you’ll probably have to figure out how to get your glass order in the house.

Why Choose Custom Cut Glass

Although lightweight compared to some other building materials, glass is inherently strong. Surface imperfections increase glass’s fragility, which is why working with a professional fabricator is important. Glass is resistant to abrasion, many chemicals, extreme temperatures and electric current, which makes it usable in many areas and largely maintenance-free. Glass absorbs heat very efficiently, but also absorb and precisely transmit light, making it a popular choice for dividing spaces in open concept homes. Glass is easily available and may be completely recycled.

Tips for Caring for Custom Cut Glass

Although glass itself is resistant to abrasions and corrosions, some finishes (see above) can be scratched. Therefore, avoid using abrasive cleaners on glass or storing glass in corrosive environments.

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