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Lighten Up Your Kitchen with Custom Cut Glass

Custom Cut Glass

Perhaps the most popular use of custom cut glass is for cabinet doors. They are most often used in the upper areas of the kitchen, which lightens the entire kitchen and is a gorgeous, safe way to display your favorite kitchen items, both functional and artistic. In-cabinet lighting is the icing on the cake, illuminating the interior for dramatic effect.

Custom Cut Glass Cabinet Options

Kitchen cabinets with glass fronts or doors are available from many retailers and manufacturers. Where custom cut glass for cabinets comes into play is when the cabinets are custom made during new construction or upgrading and during kitchen remodels with plans to keep the existing cabinetry, albeit with a glass front update.

Here are a few ways to lighten up your kitchen using custom cut glass in your cabinetry.

Glass-front peninsula cabinets. If your kitchen design includes an upper peninsula accessible from three sides (usually dividing it from the dining room or the living room), it is an obvious place for storage. Though the idea of blocking off that space isn’t ideal, especially in smaller spaces. Adding glass-front cabinets to the peninsula allows light to flow through, creating an open feeling in the whole area.

Frameless glass-front cabinets. Unlike conventional glass-front cabinets with a wood frame and a glass center panel, frameless glass-front cabinets have a sheet of glass for the entire cabinet front and no wood frame. Frameless glass-front cabinets don’t use hardware and are synonymous with contemporary or modern kitchen designs, given their sleek look.

Sliding glass cabinets. Sliding glass cabinet doors are making a comeback from their heyday in the 70s disco era. Sliding glass cabinet doors are custom cut to fit and operate on recessed tracks at the top and bottom of the cabinets. These cabinet doors either have hardware or a finger poll drilled into the glass.

Decorative glass fronts. Framed or frameless, you can add decorative elements to your glass cabinet doors, such as frosted glass, etched glass, stained glass and colored glass to name a few.

Glass-front base (lower) cabinets. To make a striking impact on your kitchen design, think below the upper cabinets and use glass doors on the lower ones. This is a bold design move considering the kitchen items stored in this area. Also, it’s not the best option for families with smaller children or cabinets below a counter with seating.

Glass pantry doors. Frosted or etched glass used as panes in a pantry door is design statement. Most homeowners choose a glass finish that obscures the view of pantry items. A clear door is associated with contemporary and modern kitchen designs.

Glass enclosures for wine rooms. Using glass to create a wine cellar or space in your kitchen is #whatstrending in kitchen design. Glass walls separate the space without closing it off, plus it’s a beautiful way to show off a wine collection. A glass wine room is scalable and most kitchen sizes can accommodate one.

The one thing about incorporating custom cut glass in your kitchen is that it brings a dramatic element to any style and layout. The nature of glass means it complements any style, from rustic and traditional to contemporary and minimal. Custom cut glass elements can separate areas in kitchens using L-shape, G-shape, and Galley layouts. In smaller kitchens, use custom cut glass elements to create the illusion of a bigger space. In larger kitchens, glass can be used to create distinct areas while transitioning between them or between other rooms.

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