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Boost Your Interior Design by Introducing Stone Veneer

Weathered Fieldstone

Are you interested in adding the look of stone veneer to your home, but don’t want all the bulk and weight of natural stone building units? If so, you should consider the use of stone veneer. Thin stone veneer offers a more convenient option, that’s also more affordable than real stone – all with the same look and feel.

If you are curious as to how you can use natural stone veneer in your interior design, keep reading.

Why You Should Consider Using Stone Veneer

Adding a stone wall, or some other stone feature, allows you to create a focal point in any room in your home. Natural stone can add texture to your home’s interior and create a cozier atmosphere. Stone veneer offers the look and feel of real stone but is easier to work with because it isn’t as heavy or big. Also, there are a wide array of textures and colors available, which means that stone veneer can be used to complement virtually any design style.

Using Stone Veneer in the Kitchen

Add a dramatic feel to your kitchen with stone veneer. This is the ideal option for this high traffic area for several reasons. It’s heat resistant and simple to maintain. As a result, it is a smart and safe choice. If you want to add natural stone to your kitchen, without taking up too much space, then consider upgrading your backsplash from standard tile, to stone veneer.

Installing a recessed stove enclosure is a great way to incorporate stone into your kitchen and this will create the look of a traditional stone oven. For a more dramatic look, create a natural stone island, or install a full stone wall.

Add a Stone Fireplace to Your Home

Fireplaces add warmth to any room, offers a spot for everyone to gather and is often considered the focal point of any living space. If you are adding a fireplace to your home, consider adding stone veneer.

You can frame your wood burning fireplace with natural stone, which will add a dramatic impact, or have the stone installed behind the wood or pellet stove for a rustic, cabin feel.

If you have a more modern space, consider slate or granite veneer. This is a beautiful way to finish the fireplace surrounds.

Install an Accent Wall

Stone accent walls can help add interest and texture to virtually any room in your home. Brick veneer will help create the look of exposed brick walls, but at a much more affordable price. Stone walls in the basement can turn a dark, dreary space into one with personality.

As you can see, there are more than a few ways you can use natural stone veneer in your home. If you want even more ideas, consult with the professionals who can customize a design plan for your space and help you implement stone veneer in creative and aesthetically pleasing ways.