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7 Benefits of Installing an Electric Built In Fireplace

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Perhaps the only thing worse than not installing an electric built in fireplace this season, is doing it next winter and missing out on a whole year of the benefits. If you’ve been thinking about or putting off an electric built in fireplace, here are seven benefits to light a fire under your decision making.

1. Flames without fumes

Electric built in fireplaces plug in and turn on like any electrical device—easy as a hairdryer. Lights replicate the realistic illusion of flames. Since no gas or wood is involved, there are no gas fumes or smoke involved.

2. Electricity doesn’t require maintenance

The maintenance and upkeep that come with a real fireplace make an electric built in version more attractive. Burning wood results in smoke and ash that travel up a chimney, leaving residue, like soot, in its wake. Chimneys of wood burning fireplaces must be cleaned in order to remain safe and allow smoke to go outside. Plus, there’s the ash leftover from the wood to clean out regularly.

Electric built in fireplaces have no chimney to maintain or ashes to clean. Having a fire in your electric fireplace is as simple as flipping a light switch.

3. Affordability

Wood burning and gas fireplaces are significantly more detailed to install considering gas lines, grates, logs, doors and chimneys, etc. that can add up, especially when you factor in maintenance. Depending on your needs and how many years you plan on staying put, an electric built in fireplace may be the more affordable option.

There are models in every price range and size, which give you a broad range of options to fit within your budget. You can be as basic or as modern, sleek as you like.

4. Energy efficiency

It’s common practice to use space heaters to warm specific rooms versus using the entire HVAC system to save on energy costs in winter. They’re effective, but not very pleasing to the eye. An electric built in fireplace can heat a room as well as a space heater does, but far more beautifully and far more affordably than running a furnace.

5. Long lasting

Unlike space heaters that “die” and traditional fireplaces that show their use, an electric built in fireplace ages very well. Think of it like a lamp. You turn it on and off for years and its look doesn’t change. A little dusting and it looks just as new as the day it was installed.

6. They are safe for you, your home, children and pets

Traditional fireplaces come with concerns regarding fires, burns, fumes, etc. An electric built in fireplace produces heat, but do not emit smoke, have a gas line, and many models stay cool to the touch. Also, there are automatic shut-off models.

7. They are not just for winter use

An electric built in fireplace is usable year-round to have the ambiance only a fireplace can create.

Visit our showroom to see all of your options to add a fireplace to your home without the mess, maintenance and hassle of traditional fireplaces. Whether your style is contemporary, modern or traditional, Complete Home Concepts has an electric built in fireplace to match.