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How Indoor Stone Veneer is Rocking Modern Interior Design Trends

Indoor Stone Veneer

Tour ancient sites and you are mesmerized by the stone work. Not only its beauty, but the marvel of the stonecutting and engineering work that’s stood the test of time. Frequent a spa, resort, restaurant or such and your eyes are drawn to stone veneer focal points as part of the overall design aesthetic. Visit luxury homes, both old and new, in the Kansas City area and beyond and you’ll notice at least one thing in common—stone as a building material or a design accent.

Interior design trends come and go (and come around again). But, like the material itself, stone design elements endure through the ages. Indoor stone veneer lets you bring stone’s beauty to your interior design and create gorgeous elements that will let you rock any modern interior design trend. 

Using Indoor Stone Veneer in the Bathroom

It’s true that your bathroom is your sanctuary, beginning and ending the day there. Indoor stone veneer can be installed in so many places to add a major sense of style, tranquility and spa-like design elements. Indoor stone veneer can be used as:

A beautiful backsplash over your sink (mirrors and lighting can be installed over stone veneer)

  • A shower enclosure
  • An accent wall around or above a tub
  • Bench seating near tub
  • An update for the tub façade
  • And more

Since bathrooms are high humidity areas, the stone veneer will need occasional sealing. It can be cleaned with soap and a brush.

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Indoor Stone Veneer in the Kitchen

Indoor stone veneer flows with all design styles, from rustic to tradition or modern. And, there are many ways and places to use it. Indoor stone veneer can be used in the kitchen to:

  • Create a stunning accent wall
  • Elevate the look of a kitchen island
  • Tile a backsplash
  • Create an old-world or contemporary look above a stove or behind the oven vent

Indoor stone veneer is easy to apply just about anywhere in the kitchen, so your options are wide open. Indoor stone veneer is stacked similar to bricks, so you can add texture, dimension and color (or a variety thereof) for bold contrast or a complementary focal point. Think dark grey or brown stone veneer texture set against a contemporary white kitchen with smooth quartz countertops. Or, a neutral stone veneer element that complements a traditional style. Either way, indoor stone veneers bring visual depth and unique texture to your kitchen.

Indoor Stone Veneer in the Dining Room

If ever there was a room ignored, it’s the dining room where opportunities to make a design statement seem far and few between. Indoor stone veneer can change that, and make your dining room a stunning showcase. You can use indoor stone veneer as wainscoting or create an accent wall. Like in the kitchen, choose an indoor stone veneer that matches your goal. Are you making a bold impact or adding a complementary focal point? The answer to that question guides your choice in the stones’ color, shape, size and texture.

Another thing to consider is your dining room furniture style. Choose your indoor stone veneer to match or contrast it. But, keep the future in mind. Will you keep your dining room set forever or update it every few years? If you tend to update, keep the stone veneers neutral, so they match just about any style and color you may have in the future.

The usual suspects of dining room décor, like lighting, candles and mirrors, can be used to highlight the indoor stone veneers’ color and texture. Voila, ambiance and style galore.

Carry Your Indoor Stone Veneer Throughout Your Home

You could focus on creating an accent wall, a focal point, or a backsplash, but  you could also carry the beauty of indoor stone veneer throughout a floor, a few rooms or the entire house. Indoor stone veneer can be used to create a cohesive feel when installed in different areas in different ways. For example, the stone veneer used as a kitchen backsplash can be installed around columns in the living or dining room or as a fireplace surround. This idea is especially effective in homes with open-floor plans.

Stone Veneer Adds Value to Your Home

Beyond an unforgettable first impression, stone veneers can increase the value of your home if and when it ever goes on the market. Depending on which source you reference, the return on investment for stone veneer is up to 93%. Other benefits include the look of real stone without the higher price tag, energy efficiency thanks to stone veneer’s insulating effect and easier installation compared to real stone.

Regardless of your project scope or size, our skilled and experienced staff has the capability to handle any project, from conception to completion. Whether working in the bath, kitchen, dining room or throughout the entire home, Complete Home Concepts’ installation crews are trained, experienced and accomplished in all indoor stone veneer applications.

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