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Interior Design: How to Incorporate Stone Veneer in Home Decorating


Since the Stone Age, stone has been one of the most used and enduring building materials. Yes, stone is renowned for its durability and longevity in exterior projects. But, interior designers grew hip to incorporating stone veneer in home decorating. Ever since, homeowners have been choosing stone veneer to either bring a natural-looking warmth or a sleek aesthetic to just about every room in their houses.

How did stone become such a versatile material? Obviously, blocks of stone weighing tons and moved by thousands are no longer the engineering feat they once were. However, real stone is still heavy enough to be impractical for most home purposes, especially in the interior. Stone veneer was introduced years ago to combat that problem, and it opened up a slew of interior design options. Stone veneer is man-made, but still a natural material and available in different thicknesses, shapes, colors and sizes.

When looking for ways to incorporate stone in home decorating, keep in mind our suggestions below will work in almost every room of your house.

Stone Veneer Bars and Islands

Basement bars and kitchen islands, if not already in the home, are two highly requested items in a home remodel project. If budget doesn’t allow for a custom bar or island, but you want one that looks custom, stone veneer is an affordable way to go. Stone veneer can be installed on the sides, and since you choose the color, shape and size, the result is a unique bar or island.

Stone Veneer Accent Walls

Using stone veneer around a fireplace is not a new concept. Neither is taking it all the way up to the ceiling. What you might not have thought about is applying this visual to other walls in your home. No room is off limits. Think stone veneer accent walls in the bedroom, entryway, bath, wine cellar and basement entertainment areas.

Stone Veneer in the Master Bath

We’re seeing so many more materials beyond porcelain and tile being used in bathroom design today. Incorporating granite to concrete and even metal, everything from sinks to flooring and tubs are taking on new looks and durability. Stone veneer in the master bath is a smart way to update the look without sacrificing functionality. Stone is a natural insulator and helps retain heat, which is perfect for our cold winters. Stone can be installed to create an accent wall, around tubs, as a backsplash and more. Talk to our experts about best uses and installation practices if you’re using stone veneer in your bath design.

Stone Veneer Shelving

Open shelves in the kitchen and bath have been trending for a while. They are a lovely way to display special dishes in the kitchen and spa-like materials in the bathroom. Using stone either as the shelving material itself or as an accent wall cladding behind metal or wood shelves takes this idea to the next level.

Stone Veneer in the Kitchen

Stone veneer when used as cladding on a wall makes for a great accent feature. Stone veneer as cladding in the kitchen offers a way to elevate elements, such as backsplashes. Different sizes, colors and shapes of stone veneer can be used to create a mosaic. Stone brings a feel of earthiness to the kitchen, yet can also complement very contemporary styles if you choose a modern cut and color.

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Is Interior Stone Veneer a Trend?

While not used to build pyramids or medieval castles anymore, stone has never fallen out of favor with interior designers and homeowners. Stone veneer, with all its shapes, colors and sizes, has ageless qualities. While paint colors and furniture styles change, stone veneer is so “solid” a choice that it will most likely always be a feature in your home for as long as you live there and the owners who come after you.

What’s the Best Way to Get Started?

Made from the highest quality stone products, Complete Home Concepts’ stone veneer selection is second to none in the Kansas City area. Installation performed by master stonemason only seals the deal. Pick a style and color from the Model Stone, Semco or Coronado collections. Contact us or visit our showroom today.