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How to Remove Mineral Deposits from Your Custom Glass Shower Doors

Glass Shower Doors

The skilled craftsmen cut a custom glass shower door and an experienced team installed it. There it is in all its glory and you’re enjoying every minute you spend in your new shower area. Ahh… divine.

But, wait. You live in the Kansas City area, so within a few weeks your gleaming custom glass shower door or enclosure is taking on a cloudy film. Eww… not so divine.

The Kansas City area on both sides of the state line has water that ranges from hard to very hard. The measure of hard water is determined by the level of minerals per liter. Our water has 121 to 180+ mg/l.

Hard water is the culprit behind the muck that builds up on not only your shower doors, but also on fixtures, porcelain and chrome. The high mineral content leaves mineral deposits and limescale that can appear as rust stains, discolored spots and cloudiness. Without installing a water softener that removes minerals from the water, you’re left to remove the mineral deposits yourself, which takes some scrubbing.

As one of Kansas City’s largest fabricators of custom cut glass, we know a thing or two about how to keep your shower door or enclosure clear as a bell. No, we can’t help you avoid scrubbing altogether, but we do know the best process for removing mineral deposits.

Get out the white vinegar

White vinegar works wonders, it’s super affordable compared to other cleaning solvents, and you probably already have some in the house. Pour white vinegar into an empty spray bottle (undiluted) and spray onto your custom shower glass. Don’t be shy with it. Completely saturate the area, and don’t worry about any excess dripping to the bottom since it won’t hurt anything. If you’re sensitive to smell, wear a mask, open a window or turn on the fan.

What about commercial cleaning products? If you prefer using a commercial bathroom cleaner, make sure it contains phosphoric acid to remove mineral deposits from your glass shower door. Pros: it works quickly and effectively. Cons: it costs more than vinegar and isn’t suitable for homeowners who prefer natural cleaning methods.

What about caustic cleaners products? Stay away from caustic cleaners! These cleaners will destroy the hardware of your shower door. Using a product like bleach without scrubbing it off will result in the metal stripping away and quickly. 

Let the vinegar soak and grab a brush

Give the vinegar plenty of time to soak on the door. Respray if needed. Then, gently scrub with a non-abrasive bristle brush. Anything like a metal brush or scouring sponge can scratch your custom glass shower door. Scratched glass creates areas for mineral deposits to enter and makes it harder to remove the film.

Rinse, and maybe repeat

Use cold water to rinse off the vinegar from the glass. If you still see mineral deposits, repeat spraying, soaking and scrubbing until they’re gone and your glass is clear.

Wipe dry and buy a squeegee

Dry your custom shower glass with a soft towel or cloth. The microfiber ones work very well. That’s it. Your glass should be sparkling clean.

Use a squeegee after showers to keep your glass cleaner, longer. Mineral deposits from hard water build up over time. Wiping the glass dry after showering goes a long way toward minimizing mineral build up and spraying and scrubbing less.

Don’t have vinegar? Don’t have serious build up? Try lemon juice

Mix lemon juice and hot water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on light mineral deposits. Lemon juice isn’t as tough on mineral build up as vinegar is, but can be helpful in between serious cleanings.

Installing a water softener is a long-term solution

Water softeners reduce minerals in your hard water, which means deposits cannot build up over time. Other benefits include that soft water is easier on your plumbing, appliances, clothes, skin, hair, etc. Soft water makes a big difference in your appliances’ longevity and performance.

Even though we focused on removing mineral deposits from custom glass shower doors in this article, the above method works anywhere water has touched and left behind its cloudy film.

Contact us for expert guidance on custom cut glass for shower doors.