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How Can You Include the Big Green Egg in Your Outdoor Kitchen Design? Let Us Count the Ways…

Big Green Egg

Aside from its distinguishing green exterior and unique—you guessed it—egg shape, Big Green Egg is revered for its versatility in cooking styles. Want to grill steaks, roast meats, smoke ribs and bake pizza or bread? All with one cooking device? Then the Egg is worth a look when you’re designing your outdoor kitchen.

Let’s catch up those of you unfamiliar with Egg first. The cult classic ceramic grills/oven/smokers we call Big Green Eggs today are a modernized version of ancient cooking devices used in many cultures dating back thousands of years. The gist of it is that meals tasted better when the food and fire were contained inside a dome-shaped vessel. Every culture had a name for it, but the Japanese call it Kamado, meaning both stove and cooking.

The Big Green Egg we know today opened in Atlanta in 1974. Since then, the Egg has risen to be the highest-quality ceramic cooking system, known for its design, outside color and stronger, more durable and better heat insulation than anything else on the market. It is fueled by either wood, charcoal and coal and lit with a lighter or an optional electric starter.

Why People Love the Big Green Egg

Here are some of the highlights:

  • It’s easy to light and safe to use
  • It’s great for both slow and fast cooking
  • Its air-tight ceramic cooking chamber heats evenly and retains food moisture
  • It holds temperatures steady for >18 hours, no additional coal required
  • It reaches temperatures of over 600 degrees, searing steaks like renowned steak houses
  • It’s easy to clean up and needs little maintenance
  • It comes in several sizes, including Mini, Mini Max, Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.

In fact, Big Green Eggs are so coveted that they are considered a long-term investment, which is why those who’re installing an outdoor kitchen will often build in the Egg to their design.

Since you can grill, roast, smoke and bake (yeah, pizzas and bread are on the menu), it’s entirely possible to rely on an Egg as your all-in-one cooking range in your outdoor kitchen. Depending on priorities and budget, many homeowners do. A Big Green Egg, regardless of the size you choose, is a statement cooker that can stand on its own—looks and functionality-wise.

The other option is to include an Egg along with other outdoor kitchen appliances, including a traditional grill, pizza oven, cooktop, refrigerator, beverage coolers and such. A Big Green Egg fits in any size outdoor kitchen, thanks to the variety of sizes in which it’s available. If the Egg is to be the only cooking range, then you might install a larger size. If the Egg is in addition to other cooking appliances, you can go smaller. Really, it’s up to how you intend to use it and your preferences. Some homeowners even choose to install two Eggs to cook two different ways at once.

Integrating a Big Green Egg with Your Outdoor Kitchen

No matter the size of your outdoor kitchen or whether the Egg will be your only cooking source or part of your appliance collection, you’re probably going to want to integrate it into your kitchen design. Again, you have several options to complement any outdoor kitchen design, not to mention the Big Green Egg’s iconic look.

The Complete Home Concepts team can cut out a hole in your island counter of the dimensions of the Egg you order. An opening in the counter near the Egg’s base sits down in that hole and gives you access to ventilation and airflow control to adjust the temperature. On smaller islands, wheels can be added to the legs so you can move the Egg where you want it. Since you don’t need an electrical connection for the Egg, it’s a perfect option for a mobile kitchen island.

An Egg can be placed on stone boulders lining your patio with a wooden platform around it for prep or serving surface.

Space can be cut in your counter to create a lower platform for your Egg. Or, it can be placed over (on top of) your counter space.

A cabinet can serve as a housing for your egg and wood can be stored underneath in open shelving for a modern, contemporary outdoor kitchen.

Stone walls and granite countertops are a traditional outdoor kitchen look. Incorporate a Big Green Egg in an island or along the wall with a pergola as cover for a cozy touch.

The Egg is available in its iconic green, black and red, which can match any style or add a pop of color to a neutral scheme.

If you’re looking for outdoor kitchen inspiration or have a unique design in mind, consult with Complete Home Concept’s experts. We’re pros at integrating the Big Green Egg in new outdoor kitchen designs.