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9 Places in Your Home That Scream for Stone Veneer

Thank goodness that one of nature’s most enduring building materials has evolved from weighing in at tons to the stone veneer available today. While stone has lost its block design and hefty weight, its lighter and more convenient veneer retains its enduring qualities and can be used just about anywhere.

Here are 9 large and small-scale home projects with elements that are screaming for stone veneer. The obvious places for traditional stone veneer are exterior surfaces, columns and landscaping. However, there are other places to bring in the gorgeous, sleek or rugged look of stone veneer.

1. A Fireplace

Stone veneer and fireplaces are a timeless combination. With the wide selection of stone veneer shapes and colors available, the aesthetic of the fireplace can range from rustic to traditional to contemporary. This design suggestion applies to both indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

2. An Outdoor Patio

Compared to other patio materials, stone veneer adds visual interest and a textural quality. Stone veneer comes in many sizes to accommodate the style of your outdoor space. Stone veneer brings the rugged quality you need to last, and again the variety of colors and shapes makes this material one to last. Stone veneer can be brought up from the ground to carry the look through arches, walls and more.

3. A Stone Path

Stone veneer makes for the perfect material for paving a stone path around your home and yard. Use it to create pathways to different areas of your outdoor living space, circling your home or to exterior doors. Stone veneer’s shapes and sizes allow for wide or narrow paths. Plus, creating a path prevents tracking grass, dirt and mud indoors.

3. A Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits are on the top of many homeowners’ wish lists. Stone veneer is a very popular material for surrounding fire pits and adjacent outdoor living spaces or outdoor kitchens. With fire pits often being the focal point of an outdoor space, stone veneer is the perfect material to really off set the look.

4. Stone Ledges

Where there is a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a pool, a spa, a pond and/or a patio, there is an opportunity to build stone ledges. Ledges can be used as both a design element and additional seating space. Plus, stone veneer is durable, unlike wood or patio furniture that requires upkeep and maintenance to keep from looking worn.

5. Pool Side

There are plenty of ways to integrate stone veneer pool side. With size, shape and color, you can create an organic water area or take it to a contemporary level. Stone veneer’s durability stands up to water and wet environments, so it can be used as pool decking, pool features and more.

6. Bathroom/Tub

Bring stone veneer into your bathroom to create a Zen-like spa experience. Stone veneer on an accent wall or tub surround makes a seriously dramatic statement that will always take your breath away.

7. Kitchen Island/Bar

Kitchen islands and bars are usually built with wood or metal. Adding stone veneer makes an island or bar a showstopper, especially when lighting is added.  

8. Wall Treatment

A stone veneer accent wall is lovely and eye-catching. Stone veneer can be carried from a fireplace, a kitchen island or bar, and just about anywhere else to become a wall treatment, creating a cohesive design. Though stone walls have a medieval or rustic reputation, today’s colors, sizes and shapes match even the most modern styles.

9. Somewhere Unexpected as an Accent

Stone veneer adds character anywhere—indoor or out. Use it in trim or backsplashes. Create an indoor path inset on a floor. You’re only limited by your imagination, so think of the places least expected and talk to our team about your ideas.