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Our Tips For A Joyous Holiday Season

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Christmas carols are some of the best things that bring people together and one of those reasons is because they declare the holiday season as the best time of the year and we at Complete Home Concepts couldn’t agree more. Whether sleigh bells are ringing, you’re dreaming of a white Christmas or you’re listening to a song about a jolly old soul, At Complete Home Concepts we agree with Sinatra that no matter how frightful the weather is a fire is so delightful. So, this year we have a few tips for when the shopping is done, and the gifts are wrapped and it’s finally time to spend that precious time with loved ones reminiscing about the year that has come to an end. We believe that there is no better place to sit than close to that warm fire from a well-placed fireplace and have a cozy gathering whether it was planned or impromptu with your Neighbors, Friends, and Loved ones.

Plan a Movie Night.

For the Cindy Lou Hoos and Tiny Tims all the way to the Grinchs and Scrooges there is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying classic holiday movies- and what better time of the year to enjoy them? Most have happy endings that fill us with warm feelings and remind us the true spirit of the holiday season. With technology advancing there are so many options to enjoy a holiday movie like Netflix, Hulu, or even your classic cable provider will be running movie specials. So, put on your Santa hat or your favorite Grinch pajamas grab the whole group and prepare your favorite holiday foods or some great Hot Chocolate and you’re set… Well almost. Don’t forget to turn on that fireplace and warm up those toes while you snuggle in for a timeless movie.

Craft your Favorite Holiday Decorations

From our childhood we can remember homemade decorations that consisted of threading popcorn or folding and cutting white paper to create memorable snowflakes. Does anyone remember gluing strips of red and green construction paper into interlocking rings to make garland?

To bring things into the new age check out Pinterestwhich is full of some of the most ingenious ideas but just as laidback and relaxing as when we were kids so that new generations get to share in some of those long since forgotten traditions in our busy day to day lives. A Sled from Popsicle sticks, Jingle Bell Wreaths and Snowmen made from Bottle caps just to name a few will bring loads of fun to the kids and show off plentiful amounts of creativity. The ideas are endless but please remember to cover that table and carpet to allow for amazing creativity but save it from creatively becoming a permanent part of the carpet and furniture. Other ideas from HGTV include hosting a kid’s holiday crafting party.

Games Games and more games on a memorable game night!

Nothing is more enjoyable than to see Uncle Steve get into his charade or Grandma pulling that especially awkward card in Cards against Humanity. With the advancement of video games and the ever-evolving array of board games what is more entertaining than spending time with friends and family alike on Wii Carnival Games where you truly get into the action bowling over a few pins or launching a few rings in games like ring toss. Just be careful that things don’t get to intense over monopoly as Grandpa takes your entire fortune.  Things get even easier with this guide from REALSIMPLE and their take on the amazing game night.

The Extended family are Coming, and They are Bringing Grandma!

No need to worry with the steps we have laid out before it’s as simple as planning a quick movie night or an exclusively fun game night that everyone will ask for more often. But remember if you haven’t don’t so its time to enhance your hearth-as said no better than Heatilator themselves it’s the Focal Point of the Room! Though please be sure to adhere to their safety tips so that the only memories are of Aunt Mary having just a bit too much and making everyone laugh. So, in this truly joyous time of year remember that these family members, friends and Neighbors came to see you so make sure there is time for laughter and amazing conversation around that fire. Since it is the Holidays make sure there is plenty of Apple cider, wine or another favorite beverage and some great snacks for the choosing. There are so many amazing ways to decorate and spend your time during these holidays and no matter how you do this all of us at Complete Home Concepts wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with many happy memories!