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Glass Doors Aren’t Just for Showers Anymore

Glass Doors Aren’t Just for Showers Anymore

No, glass doors aren’t just for showers anymore. But were they ever? Glass has always been a popular material choice for home and office remodels and new builds, not to mention larger scale commercial projects thanks in large to glass’s ability to elevate the style of any interior.

While commonly associated with ultra-modern design aesthetics, glass comes with a laundry list of benefits that even those who aren’t after the contemporary look can appreciate. Whether you’re embarking on an interior project for your home or business, consider using custom cut glass for doors, partitions, walls and more.

What are the Benefits of Glass?

As an interior material, nothing enhances the amount of natural light better than glass. If increasing natural lighting is important (and it is for psychological/mood reasons), then consider using glass in place of walls and partitions. Doors can be glass or have glass panes to allow light to pass through.

If you’re concerned about maintaining privacy, don’t fret. Custom cut glass is available in different finishes (such as etched and frosted) which are perfect for private spaces.

Worried about noise? Glass can be a natural sound barrier. Your glass can be custom cut to a specified thickness, and the thicker the glass, the more acoustic insulation it provides.

Wanting to make the space appear larger than it is? Custom cut glass and mirrors can keep spaces wide open and even make them feel larger. Plus, with the natural light glass allows in, and when combined with that light bouncing off strategically placed mirrors, your room can seem to go on forever.

What to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Custom Cut Glass?

Custom glass shower doors are one of the most popular uses for glass in a home. For an ultra-modern, spa-like style, frameless offers a clean line. Not to mention, frameless glass doors are very simple to clean, especially since there is no frame in which water can pool and create mold and mildew. A quick squeegee after every use will keep the glass looking spotless.

Glass doors in other rooms of a home or office can be framed or not, depending on the style of the space in general. Again, depending on the use of the area, you may want to choose a finish to retain or create privacy. Even with an opaque finish, natural light and sound absorption qualities remain.

Safety is always a top priority when using glass. Complete Home Concepts’ custom glass experts give recommendations to ensure your glass is safe for the intended use. Tempered glass has the best strength and durability. Plus, should an accident occur, tempered glass breaks in pebbles and is safer to clean up than sharp shards. (This is why vehicle windshields are made of tempered glass.)

Other Ways to Use Glass

Custom cut glass gives you artistic freedom for just about any use imaginable. With the ability to tailor the cut, edge profile and finish options, you can mix and match for a truly fresh and sophisticated look.

Use glass to create floating shelves in the kitchen, living room, baths, libraries, etc. Floating shelves built from custom cut glass versus purchased from a store lets you adjust the shelves to the space. It’s a stylish solution for a customized look and functionality.

Today’s wine enthusiasts want glass enclosures for not only showcasing their collections, but also updating the look from the outdated old-world style. Even something as simple as adding a frameless glass door can be enough to make a wine cellar more modern. Using custom cut glass in a wine cellar offers the greatest location flexibility, since glass can be used to create a walled enclosure if a dedicated room isn’t an option.

Complete Home Concepts is one of the KC Metro’s largest fabricators, and our custom glass cutting is performed at our facility to assure a quality product and final result. We never sub-contract the installation phase because custom cut glass must be installed with knowledge and precision.

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