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Gas Fireplace Inserts: Kansas City Homeowners’ Insert of Choice

Harman Fireplace Insert

The work involved with a wood-burning fireplace—getting and storing wood, moving it, lighting it, stoking it, making sure the fire is out when you’re finished, cleaning out the ashes, annual chimney inspections—you’re over it. You’re exploring options to replace your wood-burning fireplace with a gas fireplace insert. Good decision. Gas fireplace inserts are popular with Kansas City homeowners for a number of reasons.

The Appearance of Gas Fireplace Inserts

Complete Home Concepts carries gas fireplace inserts from top names, Quadra-Fire and Heat & Glo. Both have inserts available in a range of styles to complement your room interior. Whether you choose contemporary or traditional, an insert can be a visual focal point in the space, even when it’s not being used. When lit, realistic gas logs glow with the flame for the perfect fireplace feel.

The Convenience of Gas Fireplace Inserts

The convenience of a gas fireplace insert extends even to the installation process. Since it is smaller than the fireplace space it is placed in an existing wood-burning fireplace and vented through the chimney. The insert improves efficiency and updates the fireplace to comply with current safety standards.

Forget the hassle of firewood. Flip a switch or open an app to light a gas fireplace insert. And, there is instant heat; no more waiting for the fire to “get going.” Since inserts are contained within the existing fireplace space, there is no risk of smoke wafting through your house. Most gas fireplace inserts can be set to a specific temperature, which allows you to control the heat and eliminates some strain on your furnace. When you’re done using the gas insert, simply flip the switch again or use the app to turn it off. Next time you want to enjoy the glow of your fireplace, it’s ready, no cleaning the ashes necessary. Using a gas fireplace insert is as easy as operating a lamp.

Since the insert burns gas, not wood, no ash or creosote is created to clean up. This means upkeep is simple. Maintenance for a gas fireplace insert is a matter of an annual inspection of the vent, fan, burner, thermostat, pilot light and front glass.

The Affordability and Utility Savings of Gas Fireplace Inserts

Compared to installing a gas fireplace, a gas insert is more affordable, but will require a gas line run to it if one doesn’t already exist. Since a gas fireplace insert is sealed in the space, it not only produces enough heat to truly warm your room, but also stops heat from escaping through the chimney. The combination of heat produced and retained results in savings on utility bills.

The Smaller Environmental Footprint of Gas Fireplace Inserts

According to The Sierra Club, gas fireplace inserts are better for the environment because burning wood releases about 75 percent more CO₂ than natural gas. Efficient gas fireplace inserts emit around half to two-thirds as much CO₂ per unit of heat as the best wood stoves. And, natural gas emits far less toxic material than even the cleanest wood-burning stoves. Again, gas inserts do not create soot, ash and creosote which wood-burning fireplaces release into the environment.

The Safety Features of Gas Fireplace Inserts

When vented outside, a gas fireplace insert is a safe choice since all fumes and combustion exhaust escapes through the vent. Unvented inserts include technology like safety valves that turn off should high carbon monoxide levels be detected and sensors that gauge oxygen levels. Both Heat & Glo and Quadra-Fire have industry-leading safety features.

Ready to transform the way you warm your home with the best gas fireplace insert for your needs? Contact us or visit our showroom today.