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Fireplace Trends for 2023 From Kansas City’s Fireplace Experts

Fireplace - Stellar

Complete Home Concepts has been a trusted source for fireplaces from purchase to installation and service, in Kansas City, for over four decades. Over the years, we’ve seen various fireplace trends come and go, but one thing remains constant: timeless designs always make a comeback. Our experienced fireplace specialists work closely with homeowners who are building or renovating their homes to find the fireplace that perfectly fits their style and needs. As we look ahead to fireplace trends in 2023, our priority is always to ensure that the chosen fireplace will be a functional and stylish addition to your home for years to come. After all, choice and value are always in style.

What’s happening in the world of fireplaces for 2023… (Hint, customization goes mainstream.)

Open Hearths are Haute

Open hearths have always been in style, but right now, they are haute. Create a focal point in the room with a large glass-free view in an open custom design, which puts off low heat for day-long or year-round enjoyment.

Heat & Glo’s Stellar offers an innovative and versatile solution for round, half-round and quarter-round configurations to reflect your unique style and enhance your entertaining space. The shaped glass options, including curved, angled, and round designs, are available to showcase your custom fireplace in a safe and distinctive way. Additionally, the fogged privacy glass provides the option of switching between clear and fogged, ideal for spaces that require privacy, such as fire features that connect two rooms.

Make Your Fireplace Unique with Custom Options

Customizing your fireplace allows you to personalize every aspect, from shape and size to viewing height and length. Our experts recommend Heat & Glo’s Stellar for ultimate customization in any form or dimension.

Take your fireplace to the next level by exploring creative options. Stellar by Heat & Glo offers various burner arrangements, including:

  • Tall, bold flames
  • Ribbon, star-shaped, zigzag, spiral and horizontal arrangements

Expand Your Living Space with an Indoor/Outdoor Custom Fireplace

Leading the industry, Stellar by Heat & Glo offers indoor/outdoor custom fireplaces that can be tailored to your specific size and finish preferences. Your custom fireplace serves as a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, extending your outdoor entertaining season.

Go Off the Wall with One-of-a-Kind Fire Features

Go off the wall with an extraordinary fire feature from Stellar in round, half-round and quarter-round configurations to fit your personality and entertaining style in a sophisticated way. No chimney required. Shaped glass is available in curved, angled and round designs to showcase your custom fireplace in safe and original ways. Again, fogged privacy glass allows switching between clear and fogged for spaces where privacy is needed, such as in a fire feature located between two rooms.

Updated Mantles Created with Latest Stone Veneer Shapes and Colors

Stone veneer is timeless when it comes to fireplace mantles. If there’s a material that’s enduring, it’s stone. Stone, either used around the fireplace or taken all the way to the ceiling, can change the feel of the room. Go from dark to light colors or vice versa. Change your stone veneer’s size and shape, or even the pattern in which it’s installed. Stone is considered a “natural” element, but it can bring a room to life. Lighter-colored stone provides a more natural look, while darker, edgier stone is more dramatic. It’s difficult to nail down a trend in stone because it is such a timeless material that doesn’t get left off the trend list.

See the latest colors, shapes and sizes in our stone veneer gallery.

Modern and Traditional are Both on Trend for 2023

By their nature, fireplaces are focal points. A minimalist style in a neutral color puts the focus on the fire. When the fireplace isn’t lit, neutral colors blend in with décor. Also, on trend is using the fireplace as a point of contrast. In this case, go for a bolder design in a dark or metallic color.

Boudoir Fireplaces, No Chimney Necessary

New builds and older homes are more likely to have bedroom fireplaces. However, in Kansas City, there are many homes that were built when bedroom fireplaces included in the building process due to the expense and need for a chimney. Today’s options don’t require a chimney, meaning you can bring the chic look of a fireplace to just about any bedroom with in-wall and ventless fireplaces.

Defining Distinct Areas in Open Layouts

Newer Kansas City homes were often built following the open-space concept. Having distinct, defined spaces is back on trend. Rather than building walls and closing off spaces or rooms entirely, fireplace walls are a growing trend. See-through fireplaces can separate rooms such as the living or dining room from the kitchen or a living space from a home office. We can’t think of a better way to divide a space and add warmth and a feature element at the same time.

Ready to Update Your Fireplace or Add One to Your Indoor or Outdoor Living Space?

Talk to our designers and installers. Complete Home Concepts designs and installs fireplace areas as part of your existing or new space, working closely with you to create a room you’ll love for years to come. We have a broad selection of fireplace options to match any lifestyle and décor – from traditional to modern, rustic to contemporary, indoor or outdoor, large or small; you’ll find the one to fit your style.

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