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Fireplace Trends for 2022

Fireplace Trends for 2022

Complete Home Concepts has been installing fireplaces in Kansas City area homes since 1979. And, that means we’ve seen our fair share of fireplace trends come and go. The thing about trends though is that eventually what’s old becomes new again. Our fireplace experts work with a lot of homeowners who are either building or remodeling. While we love diving into new trends for 2022, we take your style and lifestyle into consideration to ensure whichever fireplace you choose, it’ll fit your needs and home for years to come.

Let’s dive in for the fireplace trends of 2022…

Cultured Marble and Stone are Trending for Mantlepiece Materials

Both marble and stone are evergreen when it comes to fireplace mantle materials. You can’t go wrong with either choice. Marble when used in the space around the fireplace adds a sense of elegance, but take it to the ceiling for a 2022 on-trend look. With our vast showroom of cultured marble colors and patterns, one will perfectly complement or act as a contrast to the rest of the room.

If there’s a material that’s a chameleon, it’s stone. Stone, either used around the fireplace or taken all the way to the ceiling, can reflect the room’s style. From dark to light colors, stone sizes and shapes, and even the pattern in which it’s installed means stone can take on any look. Stone is normally considered a “natural” element. Lighter-colored stone is a more natural look, while darker, edgier stone is more dramatic.

Take a look at our stone veneer gallery.

Low-Key or Screams, “Look at me!” Both are on Trend for 2022

By their nature, fireplaces are focal points. A minimalist style in a neutral color puts the focus on the fire and when not lit doesn’t fight for attention against nearby décor. Also, on trend is using the fireplace as a point of contrast. In this case, go for a bolder design in a dark or metallic color.

Bedroom Fireplaces are Still Haute

New builds and very old homes are more likely to have bedroom fireplaces. However, in Kansas City, there are many, many homes that were built when bedroom fireplaces weren’t a thing due to expense and need for a chimney. You can bring the cozy and chic look of a fireplace to just about any bedroom with today’s in-wall and ventless options.

Defining Open-Space Concept Layouts

After spending more time at home and even working from home, people have lost their love for open-space layouts. Rather than building walls and closing off spaces or rooms entirely, fireplace walls are being used instead. See-through fireplaces can separate rooms such as the living or dining room from the kitchen or a living space from a home office. We can’t think of a better way to divide a space and add warmth and a feature element at the same time.

Ready to Bring Your Fireplace Up to Date? Work with Experts.

Entrust your new fireplace to experienced designers and installers. Complete Home Concepts designs and installs fireplace areas as part of your existing or new space, working closely with you to create a room you’ll love. We work with you on the type and size of your fireplace and other elements to create a look that will not only be on trend in 2022, but also for years to come.

Complete Home Concepts offers a broad selection of fireplace options to match any lifestyle and décor – from traditional to modern, rustic to contemporary, indoor or outdoor, large or small; we’ve got the fireplace to fit your style. Relish the luxury and comfort that only a fireplace can give, no matter what your budget, we have the product to complete any space.

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