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Scheduling Fireplace Service in Kansas City? What to Look for in a Reputable Company

Scheduling Fireplace Service in Kansas City? What to Look for in a Reputable Company

If you want to schedule fireplace service in Kansas City right, there are a few things going on in the industry you should know about first. Why take our word for it? Complete Home Concepts has been selling, installing, repairing and servicing Kansas City fireplaces for 45 years, longer than anyone else in the business. We think the more you know about fireplace service companies in Kansas City, the better-informed choice you can make when it comes to choosing one you can trust for service, and ultimately protect your family and home.

Fireplace Companies are Changing Hands

One thing we’ve noticed recently that can affect the quality of fireplace service you receive is bigger, national fireplace companies acquiring smaller, local ones. Some of the bigger companies are just now entering the fireplace market, which is great for them, but can be problematic for you. Between a general lack of years of expertise and the difficulty of hiring fireplace service experts in this job market can mean the technicians they send out to service fireplaces aren’t as experienced as they should be.

Not only is Complete Home Concepts a local, family-owned business, but also, we’ve been in the fireplace industry for more than four decades. Fireplaces are what we do. From entry-level, builder grade fireplace installations to custom-designed, showpiece fireplaces for multi-million-dollar homes, our experts take care of fireplaces from the day they are installed until the time they are replaced, if ever. In fact, we have records of every fireplace we’ve ever installed, inspected and serviced, which is a large percentage of Kansas City homes. Chances are good that we’ve had something to do with your fireplace at some point, so we already know it and can service your exact model. Thanks to our resources and manufacturer relationships, we are more likely to be able to find replacement parts even for fireplaces installed decades ago.

Fireplace Service Professionals Have Credentials and Experience

How many of us take fireplaces in our homes for granted? We think nothing of the fact we are lighting a fire on purpose inside our homes. Even so, servicing your fireplace each year is best done by the professionals. How can you tell who’s professional and who isn’t? The company you choose to service your fireplace should be licensed and insured. If not, it’s a huge liability for the company and you. Unfortunately, there are fireplace service providers who send out technicians who have little to no experience.

Complete Home Concepts, of course, is licensed and insured for all kinds of fireplace work, from install to ongoing service and repair. Our technicians have been with us for years and train any new technicians hired for months. This is important because thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, losing personal belongings and irreplaceable keepsakes and endangering lives are on the line if just one simple screw is overlooked. That is worst-case scenario, but we’ve seen it happen in real life when working with homeowners who’ve suffered damage and loss due to negligent fireplace installation or service.

Schedule Your Annual Fireplace Service with Complete Home Concepts

For 45 years, Complete Home Concepts has been Kansas City’s fireplace and fireplace service experts. In fact, there’s a good chance we either installed, serviced or inspected your fireplace at some point over the years. Scheduling fireplace service in Kansas City is easy online. And, you know the service will be performed by licensed, insured and highly trained technicians.