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4 Things Designers Tell Clients About Fireplaces

A Beautiful Focal Point Probably Already Exists – and it’s #Trending!

When remodeling your home, you can spend a lot of time searching ideas to create the focal point or a room. What interior designers know is that, more often than not, the commanding element you’re looking for already exists. The fireplace is often the most powerful feature in the room. Complete Home Concepts carries a broad selection of gas, wood, and electric fireplace options to match any lifestyle and decor:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Contemporary
  • Large or Small

To narrow down your options to the perfect fireplace for your room, designers give their clients four pieces of advice.

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    Dark Draws the Eye

    The eye is drawn to the darkest element in the room. That’s usually an unlit fireplace, so it and everything that surrounds it must complement the rest of your home. In our area, many homes have large brick, wood burning fireplaces, or heat-wasting gas logs. Now’s the time to decide whether to re-face, cover, paint, or rip out the fireplace area. It’s quicker and more affordable than you think.

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    Now’s the Time to Replace the Fireplace

    Today’s gas insert fireplaces, like Heat & Glo’s Supreme, fit inside existing masonry or manufactured wood burning fireplaces for an instant, contemporary upgrade. Plus, you gain better performance, safety and convenience and ditch the drafty, dated mess of old fireplaces.

    An Updated Fireplace Increases Resale Value

    Not only does replacing a fireplace with a modern gas insert save you money now in energy efficiency and heat distribution, but it also increases the resale value of your home. Future buyers prefer an updated look and fireplace technology that is worry free.

    The Fireplace is an Art Form

    The fireplace and other nearby elements (shelves, a TV, etc.) on the same wall requires a balance. Like art, there is a focal point. And, larger elements (like a TV) can work in harmony. Consider the size of each to determine a layout that create a harmonious look.