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Cultured Marble Baths Stand the Test of Time

Cultured Marble

When investing in your baths, you want to choose a surface that checks all the boxes. One that will look phenomenal, be easy to clean, resist stains and mold and will stand up against time and trends. Cultured marble, made of resin and crushed marble stone, meets all the criteria and is far more affordable than solid marble surfaces. Another benefit of cultured marble is the number of color options available to match your bath’s style and design. Complete Home Concepts has more than 40 colors from which to choose.

A selling point for solid marble is that it can last 100 years or more. But, you pay a higher cost for that longevity. The reality is that you won’t live in your home for a century, plus solid marble isn’t necessarily low maintenance, stain-resistant or difficult to crack or notch like cultured marble is.

With a little care, cultured marble bath surfaces will last 20 years or more, depending on the amount and type of usage. While there are some risks to using cultured marble in kitchens, baths are a perfect place for cultured marble because it doesn’t tolerate high heat (like from cooking pans) or sharp objects (like utensils that can scratch or gouge) well.

Cultured marble is hard to stain thanks to a resin finish that protects the surface, making it non-porous. This material is somewhat vulnerable to scratches and chips, resulting from excessive pressure or friction. If that happens, it’s not the end of the world. Light scratches and dings can be smoothed over with a polish or gel gloss. For deeper scratches or chips, consult Complete Home Concepts for repair options.

Cultured marble is resistant to mold, so it’s an excellent material for sinks, showers and baths. Not having to use grout with cultured marbled showers gives you peace of mind that water can’t seep behind it through the grout. Grout is hard to keep clean and is porous, allowing moisture behind the surface. Shower walls and bath areas can be lined with solid pieces instead of tiles that require grout. For the same reason, cultured marble makes for an excellent vanity top and sink.

Even though cultured marble is a workhorse surface in the bathroom, it will last longer and retain its beauty with a bit of care. The most important care tip is to avoid putting things on it that could damage the surface. Avoid abrasive items that can scratch or chip. Also, high heat products like hair styling tools shouldn’t be placed directly on the surface.

Avoid harsh cleaners and those containing bleach, which again can leave minuscule scratches that build up over time and dull the cultured marble’s surface. Bleach can affect the color of your cultured marble. A gentle bathroom cleaner and soft sponge will be sufficient to clean away any dirt and grime. Occasionally, the surface may require a protective wax polish coating, depending on how often and heavily the area is used. A guest bath may not require a new coating for years, while a teenage girls’ may need it annually.

Ready to Get Started on Your Bath Project?

Complete Home Concept creates our cultured marble on site. Part of our standard service includes a custom measure and verification of dimensions, prior to the manufacture of any cultured marble product we sell and install. You have the option of “High Gloss” or “Matte” finishes. Whatever finish you choose will be the highest-quality gel coating available. Plus, we apply finishes over 20 mils thick for a beautiful finish that stands up to use and time.

Looking for inspiration for using cultured marble in the bath? Browse through our cultured marble bath portfolio or visit our showroom.