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Clearly Innovative Ways to Use Custom Cut Glass for Kansas City Home Projects

Are you on the lookout for ways to update your Kansas City home with a touch of sophisticated and contemporary style? Look no further than Complete Home Concepts for innovative custom cut glass ideas that redefine your spaces. From luxurious shower enclosures to sleek glass railings, our custom creations are designed to be unique and stand the test of time.

There are the obvious and surprising ways to incorporate custom cut glass into your Kansas City home renovation and updates.

Luxurious Glass Shower Enclosures

Step into spa-like luxury with our custom glass shower enclosures. Take down that mundane shower curtain for good and forget outdated framed doors. Our meticulously crafted glass enclosures transform your bathroom into your sanctuary of relaxation. With a variety of glass thicknesses, textures and hardware options from which to choose, you can create a one-of-a-kind shower enclosure that complements your personal style.

Elegant Glass Staircase or Balcony Railings

Make a striking statement with our custom cut glass railings that reflect contemporary elegance. Whether installed for your staircase or balcony, our glass railings offer unobstructed views while ensuring safety and durability. Choose from frameless designs or accent with sleek metal fixtures to create a timeless aesthetic that modernizes the allure of your Kansas City home’s interior.

Bespoke Mirrors

Reflect your unique style (pun intended) with our custom cut mirrors that add depth and sophistication to any room. Beyond their practical utility, mirrors serve as timeless decor elements, lighting spaces and creating an illusion of spaciousness. Whether you’re considering a grand statement piece for your foyer or a new custom cut mirror for your vanity, our glass artisans will craft a piece that exceeds your expectations.

Chic Custom Glass Tabletops

A chic glass tabletop blends functionality with elegance. Whether protecting a cherished wood surface or updating your furniture with contemporary flair, our custom cut glass tabletops are stylish and practical. Select from clear, tinted or frosted glass to match your decor and design.

Modern Custom Glass Kitchen Backsplashes

Give your kitchen upgrade a modern twist by incorporating our custom glass backsplashes. Not only do these sleek installations enhance visual appeal, but they also offer practicality and ease of maintenance. With a variety of color and design options at your disposal, you can elevate your culinary space with personality and pizazz.

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Stylish Custom Cut Glass Shelving

Maximize storage and display space with our stylish glass shelving solutions. Whether showcasing prized possessions in the living room or organizing essentials in the bathroom, our glass shelves offer a minimalist aesthetic that seamlessly blends with any decor. Custom sizing ensures a perfect fit for your space.

Versatile Glass Partitions

Realign or recreate your spaces with our versatile glass partitions that strike the perfect balance between openness and privacy. Whether dividing an open concept living area or creating secluded workspaces in a home office, our custom cut glass partitions add a touch of modern sophistication to your home. Between our designs and hardware options, you can tailor partitions to suit your needs while preserving the openness of your living space.

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Complete Home Concepts is one of the KC Metro’s largest fabricators, and our custom glass cutting is performed in-house to assure a quality product and final result. We never sub-contract the installation phase because custom cut glass must be installed with knowledge and precision.

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