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Choosing The Right Outdoor Fireplace For Your Space

With spring’s arrival, and all the usual home updates with it, you may have decided an outdoor fireplace is in the plans for a newly updated, outdoor, living space.  A fireplace or fire pit adds warmth to any area making for much longer use of an already established part of your home. They typically add 2-3 months additional use to outdoor spaces in times when temps tend to drop; like autumn and spring, possibly even into winter.  

With this thought you probably have plenty of curiosity about outdoor fireplaces, their costs, and the potential added value to your home.  

Dependent on the choice of fuel, fireplace type, and material, there is a very wide range of pricing. You will see a gas fire pit start in the range of $1000.00 and a full, elaborately built, masonry fireplace easily as high as $30,000.00.  The beauty of this is there are so many options in between those ranges.  A beautiful, stone clad, prefabricated fireplace would typically be priced right in the middle of the above range coming in from about $5,000.00- $15,0000.00.  

Is there potential for added value to your home?

Reality experts say that an outdoor living space can double the cost put toward the space upon selling the home.   A fireplace catches the attention of any buyer and makes the home stand out.   There is a good chance this will be the deciding factor when it comes down to a decision for a new buyer.  The value a fireplace brings comes in numerous ways.

What fuel is most logical for your situation?

You typically have the choice of natural and/or LP gas, as well as wood fireplaces.  Huge wood bonfires are fun, but most often aren’t the most practical when planning outdoor spaces in the city.   You may choose to go with a strictly gas prefab as it will typically give off a radiant heat fairly quickly.  Or you may be a fire bug that needs to add real logs periodically.  When looking at the prefabricated versions either is readily available.  Some will even give you a very realistic masonry effect. With wood or gas, you are adding a fire feature that everyone will enjoy.  Outdoor fireplaces, will give you the same atmosphere as a bonfire, but safety and convenience are included as well. They are very inviting to a space as the warm glow creates a relaxing ambiance. A little bit of warmth goes a long way, and an outdoor fireplace is a wonderful way to expand on that.  It is a focal point for your outdoor space creating just the right drama for your other landscape features.  Fireplaces take entertaining to the outdoors. Outside is a natural gathering space and the perfect place for family and friends to sit together, tell stories, and talk about their lives.  A fireplace is an attraction for everyone young and old. A warm glow and crackling fire can make any get-together more fun, relaxing, and enjoyable.

An outdoor fireplace can adapt to many different design elements and styles. You will find very modern or more linear styles with glass media, as well as traditional fireboxes with logs and fully open fire pits.  All can be built as elaborately or minimally as you please.