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Choosing Cultured Marble Colors for Your Bathroom

Cultured Marble

When you’re updating your bathroom, you’re usually going to upgrade your vanity too, especially if this is the first update your bathroom has seen in quite some time (or ever). Decisions regarding your cultured marble vanity’s size; double or single sink; the style and design; and the base need to be made. And, of course, the color. Choosing cultured marble colors for your bathroom is a double-edged sword. Cultured marble offers 40+ color options, but also that means color can be difficult to nail down.

Based on personal preference alone, you’ll be able to narrow the possibilities to a few schemes or even a primary color, such as grey. Even within a scheme or a color, there are several variations from which to choose.

Keep in mind that your cultured marble vanity will be a decision that can’t easily be changed like wall color can. Also, the color should match your overarching theme, such as modern, transitional, mid-century, etc. Use the following bathroom color schemes to help you narrow down or pinpoint the right color of cultured marble vanity.

Cultured Marble Vanities for a Neutral Color Scheme Bathroom

You’d be hard pressed to find a designer who’d say that embracing a neutral bathroom color scheme is limiting. In fact, most would tell you that neutral gives you the widest variety of options. Installing a neutral-colored vanity rarely ends in regret, now or years down the road when the time comes to sell your home.

Color wise, a neutral cultured marble vanity is beige, ivory, taupe, black, or shades of gray or white. These colors play well with both warm and cool colors, as well as a variety of styles, which gives you the most options now and should you decide to renovate or update later. In other words, neutrals don’t go out of style.

A neutral vanity lets you create a bathroom uniquely your own through using other items to bring in color and texture, such as wall color or coverings, hardware, fixtures, lighting, rugs, towels, décor, etc.

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Cultured Marble Vanities for a Black Bathroom Color Scheme

Black and white is an age-old popular combination because it is versatile. Black and white can be as modern or as art deco as your bathroom allows. While black can be a very dominant color, it also can work as negative space that ensures other elements of your bath shine.

For a modern bath, black cultured marble can be paired with white, grey or concrete elements. For art deco, use gold fixtures and hardware. If your goal is to showcase the vanity, then set a dramatic tone with its shape and sink style.

Cultured Marble Vanities for a Monochromatic Bathroom Color Scheme

Currently, white rules as the monochromatic bathroom color of choice. Using white throughout your bath is the opportunity to create a spa-like, clean, modern aesthetic. Bring complexity or simplicity to the room with the style of base, sink bowl, fixtures and hardware.

Using single colors, white or otherwise, pulls the eye to other elements on which you’d rather focus, such as a mirror, tub or an accent wall. Also, monochromatic bathrooms appear larger because there are no discernable, competing colors that break up the space.

When you’ve worked with as many homeowners as we have over the years, you gain an intuitive sense for helping choose the right cultured marble vanity for the space and the end result.

Talk to our team or your designer about all aspects of your bathroom. What is the style and functionality you’re after? What do you envision for color and accessories?

Browse through our collection for a selection of vanities in all price ranges, shapes, and themes. Some of the vanities we offer have integral bowls in either a color match or two-tone bowl styles. We also have the capability of adding drop in bowls, as well as vessel bowls, for a more contemporary or modern effect. All vanity tops and other marble products are made to order to your specific style and décor. Cultured Marble and Granitex products are cast in molds, allowed to cure, then polished and/or buffed to produce the look you want. With this process we can give you a similar effect to Natural Marble and Granite or even Corian and other Poly or acrylic type materials, at far less cost.

With a clear vision in mind, it’s much easier to choose the perfect vanity and color. While neutral, black and monochromatic are most popular and timeless, there are exceptions to the design rules. Whatever you have in mind, Complete Home Concepts can handcraft a cultured marble vanity to match.

As a standard service Complete Home Concepts offers custom measure/verification, prior to the manufacture of any product we sell and install.