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Category: Seamless Gutters


Are Gutter Guards in Kansas City a Waste of Money?

Ads for installing gutter guards are in full swing in the Kansas City metro as leaves are falling and destined to clog home gutters. Gutter guards are sold under the idea that they “guard” against leaves and other debris accumulating… Read More


Why are My Gutters Leaking?

Did you notice your gutters weren’t properly directing water away from your house? Have you seen the signs of water damage on your ceilings or walls or pools of water on the floor near your walls? Are you worried about… Read More


You Deserve the Perfect Place to Relax at Home.

Complete Home Concepts appreciates the long hours and hard days that our local first responders and frontline personnel spend on the job to keep all of us safe and healthy. More than ever, these essential workers deserve a place where… Read More


3 Tips to Help Maintain Your Gutters Over the Summer

When summer temperatures finally arrive, you may be ready to get outside, go swimming, host barbeques and plan other fun activities. However, if you are like many others, you may forget about all the summer rainstorms that come through, and… Read More


The Potential Cost of Gutter Disrepair

You likely hear quite a bit of information about the importance of gutter cleaning, but may still find yourself wondering why you need to invest in it. If you are like many other homeowners, you may decide to leave your… Read More


Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Gutters

Your gutters are extremely attractive to all types of animals, bugs and critters. Squirrels and birds will make their nests out of the leaves, twigs and other materials in the gutters and roaches, wasps and other insects will thrive in… Read More


Signs it is Time to Replace Your Gutters

Gutters are an essential part of your home; however, they are often overlooked. They provide protection by moving rainwater away from the structure, so it doesn’t cause any damage. Are you wondering if it is time to replace your gutters?… Read More


How You Can Prolong the Life of Your Gutters

If you want to protect your home’s integrity and structure, it is imperative that you have fully functioning and safe gutters. If you are like many people, you may not realize that making sure your gutters work properly will increase… Read More