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What are the Best Brands for Fireplace Inserts in Kansas City?

What are the Best Brands for Fireplace Inserts in Kansas City?

Older fireplaces aren’t just an eyesore, they are also responsible for heat loss due to drafts that carry most of the warmth right up and out of your chimney. This inefficiency shows up on your utility bills because your furnace works harder to compensate and drives up heating costs. Considering the benefits of replacing an outdated, inefficient fireplace with a fireplace insert, updating your fireplace makes sense.

Fireplace inserts are meant to fit within the space taken up by your existing masonry or brick fireplace, therefore they are smaller. And, since the fire is kept within the insert, fewer harmful emissions are released into the air.

The first decision to make when choosing a fireplace insert is the fuel type. Your options are gas, wood and pellet.

  • Choose gas if you’re done dealing with firewood and the mess it creates. Lighting a gas fireplace insert is as simple as flicking a switch or even using an app. Within minutes, you’ll feel the warmth from the insert.
  • Go with wood if you want to retain the tradition of a wood-burning fireplace, but let go of the work and expense. Wood-fueled fireplace inserts burn longer without requiring adding a lot of extra firewood.
  • Select pellet if you don’t have or don’t want to run a gas line to your fireplace. Some find that pellet fireplace inserts are easier to use and manage than wood-burning ones. 
  • Pick electric if you want the ultimate in no fuss, no muss. Electric is clean, efficient and can be enjoyed any time of year.

The next step is choosing a fireplace insert from a brand you can trust. That’s the great thing about buying an insert from Complete Home Concepts. We’re not an online or big box store retailer. Instead, we choose the most recognized, steadfast manufacturers in the industry—names we can and do stand behind. Based on our decades of helping Kansas City homeowners and builders choose the perfect fireplace insert, we recommend and carry the following brands.


SimpliFire’s electric insert makes it simple and affordable to upgrade an outdated fireplace. A multifunction remote provides thermostat, lighting and on/off control.

Adjustable heat lets you enjoy your fireplace year-round, even in summer when you just want ambiance. 

Explore SimpliFire’s insert.

Heat & Glo

If gas or electric is your choice, Heat & Glo inserts create a gorgeous fire at the touch of a button. The company’s history is dotted with technology breakthroughs and innovations, like the IntelliFire app, direct vent technology and a patented ceramic firebox.

Learn more about Heat & Glo inserts.


You’ll find Quadra-Fire fireplace inserts in homes, cabins and townhomes across the country. Their products’ spectacular flame result, wide range of BTUs for all room sizes and environmentally safe burn with lower emissions are a few reasons why Quadra-Fire has won industry awards. The company is known for its Four-Point Combustion System, which goes through four stages to burn up the material in the firebox, resulting in a long-lasting burn time. Quadra-Fire has gas, wood, electric and pellet fuel options.

Explore Quadra-Fire’s fireplace inserts.


Harman premium inserts are synonymous with exclusive technologies and few maintenance requirements. Even at first glance, you’ll notice how each component is engineered and built to an exacting standard for fit, feel and finish. Harman’s collection is pellet fuel-based, and styles are beautiful to make your fireplace look like it’s been completely renovated. It makes it easy to love the look and functionality of your fireplace without undergoing a total renovation.

Browse Harman’s pellet fireplace inserts.

Vermont Castings

 Vermont Castings is headquartered in Vermont, and its wood-fuel fireplace inserts are built there with American craftsmanship. The company’s team crafts each insert with hand and heart, paying attention to all the details, small and large. The Montpelier insert has large, unobstructed views of the fire and turns any drafty fireplace into a gorgeous, heat-producing centerpiece in the room.

Learn more about Vermont Castings insert.

Find Your Perfect Fireplace Insert at Complete Home Concepts

Since inserts fit in your existing fireplace box, selecting the right one takes the right measurements, as well as matches your style and needs. Talk to our experts. They’ll ask all the necessary questions to ensure you’re thrilled with your insert.

Ready to transform the way you warm your home with the best insert from one of the top brands? Contact us or visit our showroom today.